10 Autumn Makeup Trends That Everyone Will Be Wearing Next Season

As we make our way through the last days of summer and towards crisp autumn, it's it's become more and more clear that although we are still traversing unprecedented times there's a desire for change in the air—specifically when it comes to our style and beauty choices. And despite all of the uncertainty of the last few months, there are still plenty of cool makeup trends that have taken hold and prove that fashion girls will continue to serve face, even if only over Zoom and Instagram. No surprises there—am I right?

While the vampy autumnal vibes of yesteryear aren't quite as strong, the looks are still perfect for channeling the seasonal shift in style. From bold lip moments to chic eye shadow and even an unexpected remix on how to use blush, we've identified the 10 autumn/winter makeup looks with the most legs. Ahead, check them out and shop through the best makeup to pull off the looks at home.

1.  No-Makeup Makeup

Autumn Makeup Looks: No-Makeup Makeup



Despite restrictions being lift, no-makeup makeup has gained more traction than any other look this season. The key here is leaning into liquid and cream products that melt into the skin without overwhelming it. It's all about subtly enhancing the features to leave everyone wondering if you're even wearing makeup at all.

2. Glossy Lips

Fall Makeup Looks: Glossy Lips



Though the age of face masks has mostly diverted our focus from the lips to the eyes, the fashion community seems to be hanging on for dear life to their beloved lip gloss. From coats of sheer varnish to rose-tinged shades to shiny, opaque coverage, this high-impact lip look is an easy way to up the ante on an otherwise toned-down beat. 

This year has seen more creative uses for blush than just about any other makeup product. Artists and enthusiasts have taken to TikTok to show us the magic of dusting it over our noses, draping it up toward our temples, and even patting it on top of lipstick. The possibilities are endless.

4. Goddess Glow

Fall Makeup Looks: Goddess Glow



Though you might not have been lucky enough to schedule in a holiday this summer, the trend of amped-up highlighter has helped to mimic the look of glowy vacation skin. Whether or not you've had the chance to hit the sand, creating this lit-from-within look is as easy as working glow-inducing products into every step of your complexion routine.

5. Rosy Monochrome

Fall Makeup Looks: Rosy Monochrome



Though rosy tones tend to find their footing in every season, they're especially popular this autumn. Think, deep berry hues splashed across the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a cohesively flushed face.

Fall Makeup Looks: Mask Makeup



For better or worse, masks and face coverings remain an unexpected accessory. Though wearing them is a necessity, that doesn't have to mean there's no fun to be had while doing our civic duty to protect one another. We're taking cues from style icons like Ariana Grande, who has mastered the art of matching her eye makeup to her mask.

7. Freckles

Fall Makeup Looks: Freckles



Whether or not freckles are a naturally occurring feature for you, they've emerged as the go-to characteristic to create fun, youthful-looking makeup looks that take years off your face. If you've been blessed with natural freckles, let them shine through! And if not, fake it 'til you make it.

8. Super-Soaked Eye Shadow

Bright colours might feel more appropriate for summer, but in truth, rich, saturated shades are perfect for autumn, too. Ultra-pigmented eye shadows smoothed across the lids are just the jolt we all need to lift our spirits as temperatures dip.

Autumn Makeup Looks: Bold Red Lips



As a surprise to absolutely no one, it's officially bold red lip season. Blue-toned reds that capture the moodiness of the fall are wonderful shades to reach for, but as the years go on, the rules of red lipstick get looser and looser. 

10. Disco Eyes

Autumn Makeup Looks: Disco Eyes



Iridescent eye makeup is another trend that's taken off this season. With the rise in emphasis on the eyes over the last year, it's only fitting that the most stylish among us have taken to layering their shadows to create the perfect retro-glam looks.

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