6 Formerly "Dated" Jewellery Trends That Will Be Big This Autumn

Biggest fall jewellery trends 2022


Courtesy of Balmain; Courtesy of Y/Project; Imaxtree/ Miu Miu; Courtesy of Chanel

In films, there's a common plotline where characters relive the same day over and over again. For fashion editors, we're sort of doing the same thing. But instead of repeating our days on end, it's all about watching trends come back that you swore never would. You can claim you'll never wear puddle pants or the grunge aesthetic again but manage to also buy into it a few years later (it's all a part of the plotline, honey). Love it or hate it, it's only natural that things come back in style eventually, and nothing speaks more to that truth than the jewellery trends spotted on the autumn/winter 2022 runways. 

While most may assume the most nostalgic trends fall into the bags and boots category, that's far from the truth. Like any other accessory, there are pieces that manage to go in and out of style every few seasons. So in that vein, I've scoured the runway to identify the six fall jewellery trends making a comeback. These trends might not be brand-new, but they're sure to make your wardrobe feel bright, shiny, and fresh. 

Runway look from Chanel Fall 2022 collection, woman wearing tweed jacket and long layered necklaces


Courtesy of Chanel; Courtesy of Chanel; Courtesy of Tory Burch; Courtesy of Chloé

Remember long necklaces? Well, they're back. Despite this style being considered a staple, it's been a minute since we saw them play a prevalent part on the runway. In the past few seasons, the only jewellery that was shining brightly was short, chunky chains and all things Y2K-inspired, so you can imagine how much we were longing for the return of this style. 

Luckily for us, the A/W 22 runways had no shortage of options. From layered chain necklaces at Chanel to single-pendant versions at Chloé, long necklaces will be spotted everywhere this season. Proving that the best trends aren't always trending every season, instead, they'll play the long game and wait for the perfect moment to make a comeback. For long necklaces, that moment just so happens to be now. 

Shop the trend:

Vintage Chanel jewelry is always a good investment. 

Dainty jewellery lovers, this necklace is all you. 

Runway look from Saint Laurent Fall 2022 collection, woman wearing black dress and layered cuff bracelets


Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Courtesy of LaQuan Smith; Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Courtesy of LaQuan Smith

Trends and ex-partners can sometimes fall into the same category: You think you've broken up with them forever, but somehow you manage to be won over by them again. And while I can't say if the pressures of cuffing season will bring former lovers together again, I can say that things will get very serious with cuff bracelets this autumn. Across the board, A/W 2022 runway looks featured either oversize single-cuff bracelets or overly layered bangles. But unlike unchanged lovers, this trend feels like it's gotten better with time.

You can see how this jewellery trend has evolved through how Saint Laurent styled maxi dresses with layered chunky bangles and Alexander McQueen's moto-inspired ensembles shined with minimal cuffs. This is not the former beloved layered bangle look you were committed to in the aughts—it's better. 

Shop the trend:

Trust me when I say that Missoma's pieces are worth every penny. 

The wavy design of this cuff makes it ideal for creating a subtle statement. 

The shape of this cuff is stunning. 

More is more when it comes to cuff bracelets. 

An investment pieces you'll wear forever. 

Don't be afraid to stack this with other bracelets to embrace the full look. 

Runway look from Jil Sander Fall 2022 collection Woman wearing gray sweater dress and gold flower brooch


Imaxtree/Burberry; Courtesy of Jil Sander; Courtesy of Chanel; Courtesy of Jil Sander

The beautiful thing about jewellery is that it's one of the few things that can lend itself to becoming a family heirloom—such as a handed-down engagement ring or your grandmother's beloved brooch. But just because there is a level of built-in antiquity to jewellery doesn't mean it has to feel ancient. Proof of that sentiment lies in the return of brooches on the autumn/winter 2022 runways. 

You may have preconceptions about pin jewellery, but you'll want to leave them at the door this fall. Once seen as "dated," this jewellery style got a youthful update thanks to brands like Burberry and Chanel showing sweaters dripping in quirky-shaped brooches. Flower pins were also modernised at Jil Sander and Saint Laurent. These brooches are a far cry from what your grandmother used to wear to Sunday service, but they are, without a doubt, something people of all generations can get behind this autumn.

Shop the trend:

Put this on your favourite blazer when you want it to have a little edge. 

Nothing I love more than a designer brooch. 

Insider hack: Investing in designer brooches can make any outfit look more luxe. 

Now here's a piece that you can pass down. 

The easiest way to add some sparkle. 

Runway look from Balmain Fall 2022 collection, woman wearing lip ring


Courtesy of Balmain; Courtesy of Y/Project; Imaxtree/Burberry; Courtesy of Givenchy

Anyone who loves jewellery can recall the first time they wandered into a jewellery shop and thought about getting a piercing. Maybe you were debating which ear piercing to get, or perhaps you were only allowed to wear fake nose rings. Either way, body jewellery was exciting at the timeAnd while we may be long past those moments of begging parents to allow us to wear body jewellery, the fascination with it is far from over. 

Call it a severe case of nostalgia, but the autumn/winter 2022 runways were filled with every type of body jewellery. There were lip rings at Balmain, nose rings at Dries Van Noten, belly rings at Y/Project, and even philtrum and eyebrow piercings at Givenchy and Fendi. Proving once again that even if you're grown out of your adolescence, we're all susceptible to wanting to cover our entire bodies in sparkly, shiny things. 

Shop the trend:

Go ahead and commit to the body-jewellery trend to the fullest. 

Possibly the easiest way to embrace this trend is through earscape piercings. 

Lip rings are possibly the boldest way to embrace this trend. 

Runway look from Versace Fall 2022 collection, woman wearing layered choker necklaces and dress


Courtesy of Miu Miu; Imaxtree/ Hardware LDN; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Versace

Another nostalgic jewellery trend that's bound to be big this fall? Choker necklaces. While this style has been around for centuries, it's always stayed relevant because of its continuous evolution throughout history. There were the velvet versions that dominated the '20s, the grunge-inspired rubber versions that dominated the '90s, and now there are the most recent iterations found on the A/W 22 runways. 

Like previous versions, the chokers found in the collections this year centre on traditional materials (crystals, velvet, chains, and pearls), but they feel fresh through styling. It's not just about wearing a choker this autumn—it's about how you wear it. Versace and Chanel layered mismatched chokers to add edge to tweed ensembles, while Miu Miu layered velvet and crystal versions with sheer slip dresses to up the vampy ante. This fall, it's all about layering on the chokers or pairing them with unexpected pieces to embody that cool-girl energy. 

Shop the trend:

You'll break hearts while wearing this necklace. 

Pre-loved jewellery is always striking. 

You can customize this choker necklace. 

Runway look from Blumarine Fall 2022 collection, woman wearing flower necklace


Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell; Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli; Courtesy of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafin; Courtesy of Blumarine

Last but certainly not least, the unexpected trend that's bound to take over this fall is floral jewellery. I know you're thinking, "Really?" but to be fair, this trend managed to outgrow the cliché botanical pieces of the past and felt as crisp as fallen leaves. But you don't have to take my word for it—just look to the A/W 22 collections as proof. 

Floral-adorned pieces were far more versatile than you'd expect—they were a part of various brands' collections and came in every type of jewellery you could want. There were chokers adorned with oversize flowers at Blumarine and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafin, bold metal cuffs with flowers at Brandon Maxwell, and even floral brooches at Saint Laurent and Jil Sander.

Coming around to the idea of floral jewellery may take some time, but the seed has been planted, and we'll have to see if this jewellery trend blooms this autumn. 

Shop the trend:

Need this in my life, like yesterday. 

The subtle flower detail on these hoops makes embracing this trend so easy. 

Cast in recycled gold, this necklace has a hand-painted rose with diamond stars. 

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