If You're in a Hair Rut, These 10 Easy Looks Are the Ultimate Cure for Autumn

As someone who was nicknamed "the blonde ponytail girl" in primary and high school, I know a thing or two about unwavering hair ruts. In fact, I spend about 90% of my life with my hair (still) styled in a ponytail, and if I'm feeling really crazy, I'll opt for a topknot or plait. So, yes. In a way, I'm selfishly writing this article as a self-help guide for my less-than-adventurous hairstyling aesthetic. Autumn is just around the corner, and there's no better time to step up or switch up your beauty MO than a change in season.

That said, I want to be realistic. I definitely don't want to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes on my hair, and given the nature of 2020, I can't be bothered with any over-the-top looks. (My quarantine lifestyle just doesn't make a super-splashy hairstyle feel worth the time, effort, or inevitable arm ache.) However, even though my styling hands are rather inept, I do enjoy time spent playing and experimenting with my favourite hair products and styling tools, and I still want to look put-together when I hop on a video call or visit friends and family.

Some effortless autumn hairstyle inspiration was definitely in order, so after searching the internet for more hours than I'd care to admit, I've rounded up 10 quintessentially autumnal hairstyles that will totally have your back this season. (They're so easy!) Tweak or customise them any way you want, but hopefully, they'll spurn some newfound excitement and creativity. Keep scrolling! Ten super-chic autumn hairstyles await. 


Autumn Hairstyles: @fkatwigs



Truth be told, we haven't taken pigtails this seriously since posters of Lizzie McGuire and the Spice Girls lined our bedroom walls. That said, some of the most talented hairstylists in the business hinted at the hairstyle's imminent resurgence earlier this season, and the number of celebrities sporting the look has been increasing exponentially ever since. 

Practically effortless to style, all you need to do is decide to go half-up like Hailey Bieber or all in à la FKA Twigs. (Investing in a wardrobe of clear elastics is also a sound plan.)

Braided Tendrils

Teeny-tiny braided tendrils is another notable autumn hairstyle currently taking over our feeds. We're loving the '90s vibe in placing your braids in the very front to frame your face, but you can place them anywhere and everywhere for a whimsical, three-minute style.

Autumn Hairstyles: @soblushing



Oh, and don't be afraid to embellish with accessories. We love this braids-meet-headband take courtesy of French beauty influencer Nawel Moummad. 

Ballerina Bun

Autumn Hairstyles: @sarah_novio



Topknots and ballerina buns are both timeless and functional. There couldn't be a chicer way to get rampant strands off your neck and out of your face, and an ultrahigh bun will also draw attention to your face shape or an especially eye-catching makeup look. 

To ensure your bun stays in place all day long (no matter your hair texture), we recommend swapping your regular Kirby grips for these handy bun twists, complete with fancy pearls, that expertly lock in your look.

Baby Clips

Autumn Hairstyles: @lucyhale



Pins, clips, and barrettes aren't going anywhere, and they're one of our favourite ways to amplify and switch up our go-to roster of autumn hairstyles. 

Autumn Hairstyles: @normani



Place your clips further back like Lucy Hale or give them a front-and-center moment like Normani. (They're also a stylish yet stealthy way to keep strands, especially your fringe, out of your eyes!)

The Clip Back

If you're sick of buns and ponytails, try a clip instead. Go ahead and re-embrace the claw-clip craze, which has slowly but surely been making a comeback.

Autumn Hairstyles: @leletny



Or try an array of colorful pins and barrettes to keep your locks in place instead. Both versions look put-together and festive for autumn but require bare-minimum effort and maintenance.


No matter the texture, length, or cut of your hair, a classic half-up hairstyle is an easy way to kick up your hair game for autumn. 

Autumn Hairstyles: @symphanisoto



It's the perfect hairstyle to show off your fringe (even if you're in the grow-out process), but it's just as flexible for those without to keep everything up and away from your face. We love Symphani Soto's sleek half-up look. 

Mermaid Waves

Undulating bends and big, mermaidesque crimps are perfect autumn hairstyle antidotes if you're looking to add extra body, bounce, and shape to your strands but don't want to commit to a curler or rollers.

Autumn Hairstyles: @sabinasocol



Large-barreled crimpers work equally well on both long and short lengths, and you'll get faster, more consistent results than you will with other curl- and wave-inducing hot tools.

If you're trying to minimise heat and styling tools, you can crimp over air-dried hair, but if you're looking for an especially bouncy, smooth finish, we recommend using a hair dryer (like Dyson's!) to dry your strands beforehand, instead. 

Reverse Headband

Autumn Hairstyles: @leletny



Fear not. Headbands of every kind are still having a major moment, but, to elevate your autumn hairstyle game even further, why not try something a little different? 

Autumn Hairstyles: @leletny



Headbands or combs placed in the back of and underneath your hair is A) unexpected and B) crazy fast and easy. (People will think you put 10 times more effort into your hairstyle than you actually did—promise.)

Ponytails of All Heights

Would any hairstyle roundup ever be complete without a couple of great ponytails? Regardless of your placement, it's an easy-to-execute autumn hairstyle you can dress up or down. (And we mean that literally.)

Autumn Hairstyles: @aysha.sow



Security will be your friend, and we love Accessorize's classic thick, towelled hair ties for maximum strength and hold but zero tugging or breakage. 

Braided Pigtails

Last but not least, two of our top autumn hairstyle trends come together in this easy five-minute style. Sure, it might have been a childhood staple, but stylish women and celebrities all over our Instagram feed prove the look is anything but childish. 

To kill two birds with one stone, coat your strands pre-braid with an ultra-nourishing healing serum like the one below. You'll surreptitiously be gifting thirsty strands a treatment dose of TLC.

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