Autumn's Biggest Hair Trends Are Here, But I'd Only Try These 10

More than any other season, there's something about fall that makes me immediately want to experiment with hair trends. Whether that means picking up the scissors or changing shades, I'm never content with my fall hair unless I try something new. Luckily, it seems like everyone else agrees with me, as fall hairstyles are always the most enticing trends to try.

This year, fall hair trends are taking major inspiration from the '70s—think shag cuts, eye-sweeping bangs, and tons of long, bouncy layers. For hair colour, expect rich, luxe-looking shades that give depth to hair. I spoke with top hairstylists in the industry to get insider info on all the best hair trends that are coming at us this fall. Trust me—you won't be disappointed. Before you book a seasonal refresh with your stylist, keep scrolling to find out all of the biggest hair trends for fall 2022. 

1. Fiery Red

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Fiery Red



"I think red will be a really popular colour this fall as more people decide to warm up their style. A more orange-red tone can make your hair look fun and vibrant. This colour also looks great on curly hair. I really recommend speaking to your stylist before making a change to red to make sure you find the perfect red that suits your skin tone, as it can really vary." — Lisa Laudat, celebrity hairstylist

2. Shag

"Traditional shags had extreme choppy layers and can look too edgy and dated. The current fall iterations have the volume and layering in the front but more weight in back with a softer beachy texture." — George Papanikolas, celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador

3. Honeyed Blonde

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Honeyed Blonde



"Through the summer, brunettes lose depth, and blondes go lighter, so it's always good to get a revamp. If you have blonde hair, I recommend adding more golden and honey tones to give it a more natural look." — Laudat

4. Natural-Looking Balayage

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Natural-Looking Balayage



"I think highlights with a much longer grown-out root will be a look this fall, as we crave to go darker but still want those flecks of light. Lucky for us, this style requires less maintenance than an overall highlight. I love that girls are rocking their natural colour." — Clariss Rubenstein, celebrity hairstylist 

5. Mahogany

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Mahogany



"Mahogany is another rich brunette tone you can expect to see this fall. You can see Emily Ratajkowski sporting the hue. Typically, mahogany hair is described as reddish-brown colour. However, it can also feature a very subtle violet hue, much like the deep rich wood it's named after. For fall, adding more depth with lowlights and a gloss is a great way to transition into cooler fall weather." — Papanikolas

6. Bottleneck Bangs

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Bottleneck Bangs



"I think this is going to be huge for fall. It's a new take on the '70s fringes and a nice way of updating your look if you don't want to lose length. A lot of celebs are doing this look, including Ashley Roberts. You can have short pieces at the front or go a bit longer with a 'grown-out' look. The style you go for should depend on the expert opinion of a stylist who will know what will suit you." — Laudat

7. Butterfly Cut

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Butterfly Cut



"I think this look will be so popular over the fall, with inspiration from J.Lo. The cut works by graduation, as it has long layers for an illusion of length and shorter layers just below the chin that frame the face. This look provides so much volume and shape. It's always good going into fall to get the dead ends cut off, and this style is a way of getting hair back into health as well as looking fashionable." — Laudat

8. Dark Chocolate

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Dark Chocolate



"Colour tones tend to get warmer and richer in the fall, [whether] it's adding rich chocolate tones to your brown or toning your summer blonde with golden hues." — Rubenstein

9. Modern Bob

Fall Hair Trends 2022: Modern Bob



"Chic bobs for fall always. Bobs are permanently in, but they make a big debut in the fall. Necklines get higher, and hair gets shorter." — Rubenstein

10. '70s Layers

"Seventies-style cuts are going to be major for fall. I absolutely love this look. We're making our curtain bangs a little thicker and fuller and layering all the way down. Wear your hair blown out or dried naturally." — Rubenstein

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