What to Keep Out and What to Put Away for Fall

With fall but a few short weeks away, we thought it would be a fitting time to start prepping our closets for the coming change both in temperature and day-to-day style. While we will dearly miss the days of off-the-shoulder tops and espadrilles, we’re undeniably excited to bring back some of our favourite autumn-appropriate pieces, as well as invest in some new ones.

 Scroll through for the nine pieces that can make their way to the back of your closet for now, and to see (and shop) the ones to take their places! 

While we thoroughly enjoyed the summer of the off-the-shoulder top, the skin-baring style is best suited to warm weather.

Instead, wear lace-up blouses.


J’ai Perdu Ma Veste

The lace-up blouse is equally alluring and comes in a range of fall-appropriate colours and fabrics.

We know it’s hard; our espadrilles served us well this summer too. But we promise the timeless shoes will still be in style after winter, when the weather permits you to wear them again.

Instead, wear oxfords.


A Love Is Blind

Oxfords are a sleek addition to any outfit and will serve you well in cold (and occasionally rainy) weather.

Both in terms of looks and practicality (hello, holes), eyelet should be put on hiatus when temperatures drop.

Instead, wear velvet pieces.


Style du Monde

Luxe velvet will keep you warm and on-trend this fall.

For one of the more trend-driven swaps on this list, we think the start of the new season is the perfect time to exit your comfort zone and switch up your denim.

Instead, wear cropped flares.


A Love Is Blind

Cropped flares are not only on everyone’s radar for fall but also flattering and quite approachable as far as new trends go.

Cotton maxi dresses are the pretty obvious stars of summer style—luckily, there are plenty of alternatives for colder months.

Instead, wear long-sleeve maxis.


Style du Monde

A boho long-sleeve maxi dress is both ultra comfortable and in line with the trend of all things ’70s for fall.

We’ll never get sick of our denim overalls, but as far as one-piece options go, fall makes away for some more-elevated alternatives.

Instead, wear sleek jumpsuits.


Style du Monde

A sleek jumpsuit is perfect for fall day-to-night dressing. Just start with flats, and switch to heels for evening.

When temperatures drop, the only time you’ll need slide sandals is immediately after a pedicure.

Instead, wear lace-up flats.


We Wore What

Lace-up flats are an equally comfortable and casual option that can take the place of sandals when it comes to fall (and winter) footwear.

When the winds hit, a straw hat will not serve you as well as it did when you were soaking up the sun.

Instead, wear felt hats.


Vanessa Jackman

A felt hat both looks and serves you and your outfit better in the colder half of the year.

Our denim dresses served us well this summer, but it’s time to swap them out for similar silhouettes in different fabrics.

Instead, wear suede dresses.


Style du Monde

Suede is both timeless and on-trend this fall, and the latest iteration to steal our hearts is the ever-present suede dress.

Topshop Premium Suede Tie-Side Dress ($228) in Black

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