6 Autumn Basics I'm Buying Regardless of This Year's Trends

At the start of every new season, there are always certain non-negotiable basics I know I’ll be buying and/or wearing in the coming months, regardless of what the trends are. In winter, the list includes a warm coat and lug-soled boots. Spring might involve some new dresses and sandals, summer always requires a trove of white tops and basic swimsuits and fall, of course, comes with its own set of essentials—all of which you’re about to read about below.

While our A/W 2020 trend research is still in the works, from outerwear to accessories, the “basics” portion of my autumn shopping list has been set for quite some time now. To see my must-haves in action thanks to the help of some of our favourite fashion people on Instagram and, of course, shop my picks for each category along the way, just keep scrolling.   

1. Cardigans

The cardigan's massive comeback is probably my personal favorite of the last several years.

2. Jeans

I simply cannot wait for the summer heat to die down and get myself into a pair of rigid, cotton jeans this autumn.

3. Boots

Because there's really no better category of shoes—amirite?

4. Trench Coats

Everyone should own a classic (and/or fashion-forward) trench and, if you're going to buy a new one, there's no better time than just before the start of fall.

5. Knit Dresses

Dress trends come and go, but knit styles will always be relevant in the colder months of the year. My only requirement when shopping for them is that they pair well with boots and mules.

6. Shoulder Bags

If you're going to buy a new purse for the coming season, it should really be a shoulder bag. 

Next up, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.

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