These Tan Drops Will Give a Natural Sun-Kissed Glow

Whatever time of year it is, we all crave that “just got back from holiday” glow, don’t we? Whether it’s not having to wear as much make-up or simply just feeling like our best selves, the benefits of having a freshly bronzed glow can’t be underestimated. At this point, we’ve made it through winter and would normally be starting to get some rays of vitamin D again. The sun may be shining, but we’re all finding ourselves in a very unusual situation where we’re having to limit our time outside. 

We must, then, get resourceful. When we asked you all what you wanted to read from us during this strange time, a lot of you answered with at-home beauty tips, and easy pick-me-ups. We brainstormed and one of the most simple steps our team has been relying on in their at-home beauty routines is tanning drops. And it’s not just us, this week we’ve also seen so many of our favourite women on Instagram sharing their self-tanning routines as a way to perk up their mood and give a little boost of confidence. Yes, it may be a very small, self-indulgent addition to our routine, but it’s about finding joy in the little things at the moment. 

Tanning drops have personally been my saviour for a long while now. I was a self-confessed tan-o-phobe (I’m quite fair-skinned, an SPF worshipper and have many a fake-bake horror story to tell), but since discovering the joy of these bottles of sunshine, I haven’t looked back. My purse—thanks to me having to re-buy my make-up far less often—and my skin, have definitely thanked me too!

If you’re a newbie to face-tanning, the beauty of these products is that you have a lot more control than slathering on a foam all over your body and hoping for the best. Most are sheer and have varying shades so you can start light with one or two drops and add or change shade as you see fit. But just a couple of drops in your daily moisturiser or as a serum under your usual routine can really make a huge difference in how fresh you’re feeling. 

Keep scrolling for our personal favourites, from some of the most luxury offerings out there to the more affordable but just as effective options.

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