This Revolutionary Product Is About to Change Your Lash Game

As a daily false-lash wearer, I've been waiting for a moment like this—a moment filled with innovation, possibility, and change. That's slightly dramatic, but alas, there's not much excitement happening in this product category. 

We have eyelashes, we have glue, and there might be the occasional nifty application tool, but that's it. That's our lot. Honestly, my eyelids were craving some newness, especially as we're in the age of the face covering. 

Eylure, aka the lash pros, seemingly heard my pleas, as it's just launched the most exciting lash product I've seen in the 10 years I've been wearing lashes. 

Are you ready for this? Eylure Line & Lash (£10) is an eyeliner and wait for it… a lash glue. It's an eyeliner and adhesive in one. What a time to be alive. It's a shortcut to applying lashes, and if you struggle with applying them, this makes the process a whole lot easier.

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Eylure Line and Lash: Liner



So first things first. Liquid eyeliner is kind of my thing, and I just wasn't sure if this would cut it, as I've spent a long time finding my perfect eyeliner. But luckily, this one is a felt-tip eyeliner pen, and you know what? It's actually a seriously good one. As in, even if it wasn't an adhesive, I'd use it. 

I applied the liner in my signature winged fashion and applied a few more coats of the pen over my lash line. As it's tacky straight away, I popped my lashes on, and it's done and stuck on. Ridiculously easy, the lashes stayed in place all day, and I saved so much time and had one less product to use. 

The pen also comes in clear if you're not into black liner, and it makes the adhesive neater and easier to apply. If you're not interested in switching out your eyeliner, Line & Lash is still a solid addition to your routine, as the pen is mess-free and you won't have to faff around with tubes of sticky glue that need pasting onto your lashes. You just add a few swipes of this over your existing eyeliner.

I'm a convert. 

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This mystical-inspired lash is ideal if you're into volume that's not too much of a statement, thanks to the wispy style.

If "go big or go home" was a lash, this would be it. Seeing as our eyes are where everyone's attention is going right now, this one is a keeper.

This graduated style is a classic for adding length and volume with a natural finish.

Mascara, who? If you're done with layering on coat after coat of mascara to get the lash length you're looking for, this is the best alternative.

For a lash look that will mimic a set of lash extensions, this is your best bet. The individual lashes are knot-free, so you won't have to worry about the telltale falsie sign. 

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