Clickbait Jeans: The Denim Trend I'm Certain No One Is Actually Buying

Back in 2016, it was kind of entertaining. "Oh, look, those jeans have cut-out pockets that reveal your hips—who would wear them, how and why?" or "Did you see Gigi's jeans had more holes than actual jean? Celebs do the funniest things," we would say.

After an initial boom early that year (it turns out that Hadid's approval of One Teaspoon's savagely ripped-apart slouchy denim played a big part in the brand becoming one of the most engaged in its field on Instagram), we saw designer brands and high-street labels alike taking the concept and running with it: Since then, we've witnessed chaps-jeans at Topshop (a hybrid that Christina Aguilera would have been thrilled to own circa 2002). There were jeans with huge panels removed and replaced with clear PVC (comfy). We've had the "thong" jean making itself known on runways in Japan. Jeans with tears raging up each side so you had a flappy flared denim party happening going on. Unravel's Inside out jeans and Vetements's jeans with zippers that went all the way from the back to the front were, in the grand scheme of this random realm, subtler, wearable and luxe. Later in 2017, we also went through a phase where fishnet tights were the thing to wear under your barely there jeans—remember?