5 Fashion Insiders on How to Shop for Summer Like an Expert

Summer clothes shopping is tough. From packing for your holiday abroad to finding a perfect wedding guest outfit, there are many an event and occasion where we all need some guidance on how to shop. And we should know: Every year we try (and sometimes fail) to hone our summer wardrobe to ensure we look chic in the heat. Well, thanks to Lyst, five fashion insiders have revealed their secrets for summer shopping. From editor and street style star Veronika Heilbrunner to blogger Lucy Williams, we've got some serious intel on how to shop this season's biggest trends, as well as where to shop those summer staples such as jeans and sneakers.

Keep scrolling for five fashion insiders and their secrets for shopping this summer.

1. Camille Charrière on jeans:


Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème

"Denim is my failsafe. It's what I wear when I don't know what to wear. It's what I wear when I want to look hot for a night out, but also what I wear when I really want to stand out by dressing down and not playing up to the fashion scene. A girl that knows how to wear denim in an interesting way will always be in style. At the moment, my favorite pair of jeans is by Vetements. They have a really provocative construction with a patchwork bum and are made from contrasting denim colors. While they might not be the sexiest style in my closet, ever since my skinny jean summer, I've always looked for jeans that stand aside from the crowd."

"Spend time and effort looking for your jeans. You can't expect to find the perfect pair of vintage Levi's immediately. If I buy jeans online, I always buy two sizes because you can never tell how they might fit. Sometimes I'll decide I actually like the baggier fit and I always try jean with both sneakers and heels—they have to work with both. The message is try, try, try."

"Just because a pair of jeans looks good on a friend or someone you see on Instagram really doesn't mean they will look good on you. With jeans, you really have to learn your own shape and be guided by what flatters your frame."

2. Veronika Heilbrunner on sneakers:


Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème

"Because I'm tall and broad, sneakers balance out my proportions to make me look more feminine and fragile. I love that sneakers look big on the foot—it's a simple styling trick. I'm also 100% a box-fresh girl. I have way too many sneakers in my wardrobe, probably more than 30 at any one time. But I do throw out the old and dirty ones when I really can't clean them up. I don't use anything special; they just get thrown in the washing machine."

"My relationship with sneakers and street style began four years ago at Paris Fashion Week. I was wearing a beautiful white Valentino dress, but I'd had appointments all day, so I'd thrown on a pair of pink Nikes to run around in. My boyfriend picked me up in his car to go to the Valentino show, and I was about to change into suede heels when he said, 'Why bother?' It's obvious now, but back then it just didn't seem appropriate to go to a catwalk show in running shoes. Since that moment I haven't looked back."

"Every season I change up my sneaker look. I definitely go on and off styles, but when I love a sneaker, I want to wear it to death. At the beginning it was about very sporty technical models; then I moved onto the Air Force 1 phase—I wore them with absolutely everything. This season I'm back into Converse, especially in suede, and Eytys with a really thick sole."

3. Pandora Sykes on wedding guest outfits:


Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème

"To be honest, I still haven't nailed a hard-and-fast formula. I do know I'm allergic to the 'party dress with stilettos' look and always think it's worth thinking a little bit laterally."

"I recently wore a strapless velvet dress over some wide-leg trousers, with a blazer over the top. A kick flare with mules would also work well layered with a dress—it can sometimes be about the unexpected. Although when it comes to event or formal dressing, I do prefer to go for something chicer and perhaps less statement. I often go more classic and wear a lot more black. I definitely try to be a little more grown-up."

"If money were no option, I'd head to Vilshenko—her dresses are romantic and future-proof. On a more limited budget, you can't go wrong with a Reformation floral dress. I definitely spend ages looking for these kinds of pieces. For one wedding I found a lemon-yellow dress in a vintage store. It only cost £50, and after another £150 in alterations, it still came in cheaper and more original than anything I could find vaguely similar."

4. Irina Lakicevic on heels:


Adam Katz Sinding for Le 21ème

"I've probably got 50 pairs of shoes in my closet—but each and every pair is really special. I've always used clothing to visually express the type of woman I am. My day job requires a level of conservatism—I can get away with a bit more personality with my outfit as I change into scrubs, but when you have to pass your patients in the waiting room, you don't want to be wearing your craziest Sophia Webster heels."

"It's easy to say, but I do believe it's important to invest in quality. Handmade shoes don't give you the same problems with blisters and bunions. At the end of the day, you only have one pair of feet, and you should take care of them. I also resole all of my shoes straight away—beautiful leather shoes deserve to be looked after."

"I buy a lot of shoes that to the untrained eye look similar. If I really love a pair of shoes, I'll buy them in at least two colors. While it's extremely cheesy to quote The Devil Wears Prada, I always go back to that scene where Miranda Priestly is deciding between two apparently identical blue belts. My shoes might look similar, but they have different uses, different purposes, different personalities even."

5. Lucy Williams on summer holiday style:


Victoria Adamson

"I'm a real bikini addict. I pack a lot of them as they are lightweight so don't dent the baggage allowance too much. Personally, I don't like anything too flashy or anything with too much detail, and I always opt for bandeaus or triangle tops. I think tie-side bottoms are the most flattering for everyone. The smaller the bottom, the better it looks no matter what the size of your derrière. While you might feel a little more self-conscious, showing that bit more skin is strangely more flattering."

"If you're going somewhere with a hippie vibe like Tulum or Sri Lanka, I'd go for crochet pieces, whether from Missoni or She Made Me. In Europe, I love stripes and plain black and definitely go for something a bit slicker."

"What I've realised while traveling over the past couple of years is that you always end up wearing what you know best. Successful holiday packing is all about honing your favorite pieces and building an interchangeable holiday wardrobe which works every summer."

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