I'm a Fashion Expert, and I Think These 3 Trends Look Incredibly Expensive

How to look sophisticated on a shoestring budget? We talk about it a lot here at Who What Wear because we are fully aware that some of us have money to burn and some of us don't, but that if you're on this site it's because you share the very same passion for looking and feeling good. So if this season for you is going to be a frugal one, we have some ideas on how to get by in style.

For example, one route in is to invest in 2021's top trends without even buying anything new at all—online vintage and secondhand stores are ripe for pieces that feel right for now, and you'll feel all the more smug for finding something unique. In fact, we're featuring more and more pre-loved pieces within our regular shopping edits all the time. We also have the inside scoop that this £10 mascara is, well, at least face-changing if not life-changing. And there are other little clever hacks to be had, particularly revolving around what to look for when you are interested in purchasing something new. I'm convinced that certain affordable pieces can look much more expensive than their price tags, but it's sometimes hard to work that out for yourself via e-commerce shots and without having the experience of in-store shopping.

So, what's the answer? Well, I think there are a few simple looks, fabrics and outfit combinations to focus on. Featured below are three current looks that are actually quite timeless despite the fact that they can be found on the high street. It takes at least 30 wears for a garment to be considered more environmentally friendly, so whatever you do, make sure you're happy with what turns up on your doorstep and always try any new item on with at least three existing outfits already—that's my litmus test, anyway! Keep scrolling for expensive-looking outfit inspiration… 

1. Plissé, Pleats and Crinkled Fabrics

A cream pleated dress is the very height of elegance, don't you think? You can easily make it look less formal with black accessories.

expensive looking trends for 2021: pleated fabric top and ruched skirt



Plissé tops with exaggerated sleeves are going to be all over your feed this summer—trust me. And they look just as great with a fancy skirt as they do with jeans.

This is the kind of fabric to spend both comfortable and cosy moments in as well as look to for sharper outfit opportunities—it's pretty flexible.

2. Knit Co-Ords

I just can't get enough of knitted co-ords and the high street does them so well. Look out for cute spring colours if you want something different.

expensive looking trends for 2021: cashmere tracksuit



Soft-as triple knits for loungewear? Count me in!

expensive looking trends for 2021: knitted grey dress and cardigan



Co-ords come in all shapes and iterations these days, so you can even find dresses to match to coatigans.

3. Tunic Over Trousers

For the purists out there, a simple tabard or tunic over trousers can be very affordable to put together but always looks sleek.

expensive looking trends for 2021: beige tunic and matching trousers



Adhere to minimal and/or matching colours and fabrics and the effect will be even more impressive.

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