8 Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes Fashion People Love to Wear

There’s still plenty of time to consider your shoe wardrobe for summer. Sure, temperatures might be soaring right now, and the thought of wearing anything but ice blocks on your feet (which, if they’re anything like mine, are pretty swollen) might seem like a chore. However, with months of wear yet to come, you can still treat yourself to some new summer shoes should you wish to. But which pairs are worth spending your money on and will still feel relevant next summer (and every summer that follows)? I have the answer.

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: 8 styles that always look premium



Simple shoes always look the most premium. 

In my tenure as a fashion editor, I’ve discovered the secret behind expensive-looking summer shoes, and it’s to avoid anything too trend led. Uncomplicated silhouettes, neutral palettes and no-fuss detailing will always win out over of-the-moment colours and treatments. They might not be as alluring as rhinestones, but classic shoes will stand the test of time and go with practically everything you own, which is a boost.

So which expensive-looking summer shoes do I recommend? I’m glad you asked, for I’ve found eight styles that fit the bill. Scroll on to see them in action on the feet of stylish influencers, then shop my edit of the best options for every budget in each category.

1. H-Strap Slides

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @smythsisters wears a pair of H-strap sandals



Style Notes: Sliders are a key sandal style for summer. It has proven its worth over the past few years, having never wavered in being in style. Right now, I keep seeing styles with H-shaped bands across the toe, which I’m putting down to the influence of Hermès Orans. 

This chic pair also comes in staple black. 

I’d really love to own a pair of these. 

2. Ankle-Tie Heels

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @amagodson_a wears a pair of ankle-tie heeled sandals



Style Notes: Sexy but chic, sandals with minimal, floss-like straps that tie around the ankle are a must-have this season. Personally, I prefer them in black for a classic feel, but there really is no limit to the colours currently on offer.

I swear Russell & Bromley creates the most comfortable heels. 

3. Western Boots

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @raeannlangas wears a pair of cowboy boots



Style Notes: I know you’re currently melting, but if you think ahead to the end of August, you’ll likely be looking for a transitional shoe option to carry you through until autumn. Allow me to present Western boots, which are all the rage for autumn/winter 2022. 

White boots will work better set against lighter summer fabrications—black leather boots can sometimes feel too harsh. 

4. Suede Clogs

Style Notes: If there’s one shoe brand that’s dominating right now, our editors agree that it’s Birkenstock. The strappy sandals will always be a mainstay in our wardrobes, but those in the know are favouring the Boston clogs. Now, lots of other brands are serving up their own suede mules. 

I’m bookmarking this shearling-lined pair for September. 

5. Flatform Thongs

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @_jessicaskye wears a pair of thong sandals



Style Notes: We have The Row to thank for the revival of the ’90s-style platform thong sandals that have been at the top of the summer shoe agenda for years now. Significantly sleeker than they were 25 years ago, modern-day iterations centre around thick leather straps in either black, white or tan for timeless appeal. 

So many influencers, however, have invested in The Row’s Ginza sandals. 

6. Kitten-Heel Slingbacks

Style Notes: Some of the more divisive shoes on my list (or in any shoe round-up) are kitten-heel slingbacks. Kitten heels have sparked enough debate on their own, let alone with the once-outdated slingback strap to the back. Together, however, they create a shoe style that feels fresh and that fashion people are finding impossible to resist. 

I own this pair and always get so many compliments when I wear them.

Although it’s a trend-led choice, I’m really into this shade of orange. 

7. Fisherman Sandals

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @louisahatt wears a pair of fisherman sandals



Style Notes: If you’ve already invested in the fisherman-sandal trend, then you’ll be pleased to hear they’re still very much a thing and will loan themselves especially well to wearing in autumn, as they also look great styled with chunky socks. 

These look three times the price. 

8. Ballet Flats

Expensive-Looking Summer Shoes: @tylynnnguyen wears a pair of ballet flats



Style Notes: Ballet flats are a year-round shoe solution, but it’s one I think serves its purpose in summer. With a soft silhouette, they pair just as well with lightweight dresses and skirts as they do with jeans, making for a versatile option you can throw on and go.

Look for styles with elastic straps for a cool spin. 

This beige pair will look beautiful with summer’s palette of lighter colours. 

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