The Surprising Thing That's Making Your Outfit Look Cheap

Good news: Your outfit doesn't actually have to be expensive to look expensive. Conversely, an outfit doesn't have to be cheap to look cheap. Regardless of budget, cheap is something that no one wants their outfit to be. And because that's something that we all have in common, we took it upon ourselves to find out what the number one outfit-cheapening culprit to blame is for many an unsuccessful look. To do so, we turned to an expert: celebrity stylist Tara Swennen. Swennen is the genius behind Kristen Stewart's rule-breaking looks and also counts Anna Faris, Aja King, and Allison Janney among her clients.

We were surprised (and relieved) to hear from Swennen that the culprit is one that actually has little to do with the cost of an item. She told us, "Bad tailoring! To me, an ill-fitting outfit is the easiest way to cheapen one's look. Always invest in pieces that fit the curves of your body properly or invest in a good tailor."

Now that you know, read on for examples of well-tailored, expensive-looking outfits to inspire you.