The 9 Most Expensive-Looking Pieces on the High Street This Week

Julie wears a Massimo Dutti jacket and Mango jeans that could easily pass for designer. 

We all want to look like our most polished selves, don’t we? While, sadly, I’m not here to provide you with a week at a spa or an endless allowance at The Row, I am here to bring you a treasure trove of the most expensive-looking pieces on the high street every week. It’s my mission to prove that you can find premium pieces to elevate your wardrobe without the designer price tag and to make it easy for you to pinpoint the items on the high street that are really worth adding to your wardrobe. Plus, there's a few early Black Friday deals inside for good measure. 

There are some amazing gems out there that your friends won’t believe aren’t designer, but there’s a lot to sift through to find them. That’s where I come in. As a Who What Wear editor, I scroll new-in collections as a hobby, and I can spot an expensive-looking (and -feeling) piece a mile away. I’ll be adding the best bits I find to this list. Some may be more “affordable” than others, but you can be confident every piece is here because I believe it offers great value.

I hope this edit helps save you time and money as you build a closet of classic pieces that bring joy and last much longer than just a few seasons. Now to the good part. Keep scrolling to shop.

Shop the Most Expensive-Looking High-Street Items This Week

A camel coat is such a timeless, elevated purchase, whether you get it from Max Mara or Mango. 

Call off the search, I've found my perfect understated party shoes—and for under £50 no less. 

Julie (pictured above) has completely convinced me that I need this designer-looking jacket in my life. Now to decide on which colour... 

M&S are winning in the high-street denim stakes right now, and I'm offering these turn up jeans as proof. 

Sometimes all a high street piece needs to get right for it to be mistaken for designer is the colour. This dusky blue feels so unique and elegant at the same time. 

A great pair of leather (or faux leather) trousers are an essential in a winter capsule wardrobe, and I can highly recommend this best-selling pair from Zara which are back in stock, for now. 

The five star customer reviews for this perfect LBD are already rolling in. 

Just look at those cuffs! This is going to sell out very quickly—you've been warned. 

This simple dress looks so chic paired with classic leather knee high boots. 

Shop More Expensive-Looking High-Street Items

Mango's designer-looking faux-shearling jacket that's impossible to find in stock now comes in black. Run, don't walk.

It's all in the details when it comes to making high street pieces look more expensive than they are, and this bow-back knit is a perfect example. 

Bearing a resemblance to Bottega Veneta's ultra-chic Sardine bag, Zara's new bag is one I plan on carrying to all my festive events (as well as day to day with the crossbody strap). 

There's just something about the chocolate brown colour, the maxi length and the draping that makes this easy dress feel so premium. 

If you're after a perfect 'nice top' to wear with jeans right now, & Other Stories just graced us with this perfect version that also comes in black. 

COS outerwear is easily the best on the high street this year, and this new, beautifully soft wool style is a testament to that. In fact, I'll take this whole outfit. 

A cute cardigan to pair with tailoring for work, or jeans for weekends, that looks much more expensive than it's under-£40 price tag. 

I know these are on the pricier side, but they easily look like they could have another zero on the end. When I say it's love, I mean it. 

I'm not a huge dress person and I prefer more casual partywear that I can wear year-round if needed. Hence why I recently invested in this shirt and, honestly, I'm so impressed with the cut and quality which really elevates it IRL. 

If you're after beautiful quality coat on the high street, I'd suggest it's worth spending that little bit more to invest in one of COS's Responsible Wool Standard-approved styles. This new one ticks off the espresso-dressing trend for 2023 nicely. 

It could be the burgundy hue, or the delicate heel height, either way if you told me you'd snapped these up at a chic French boutique, I'd be inclined to believe you. 

As soon as these released, the Who What Wear UK slack channels lit up. Everything from the square toe to the seam detail panels scream designer, except the price tag. 

If a knit dress is missing from your arsenal, let me present to you this luxurious offering from M&S (I know, I can't believe it either). With a mix of cashmere and merino wool, this dress both looks and feels high end. 

COS's beloved quilting has been reconfigured into a crossbody form fit for all occasions. Constructed in 100% leather, the thoughtfulness of the quilting detail immediately adds a high-end touch to this bag. 

H&M's tailoring section has been particularly strong recently, as you can tell from this impeccably pleated pair. 

The super soft fabric and relaxed fit of this coat makes it feel so premium. 

I'm not sure whether it's the cable knit, the maxi length or the chocolate brown shade I love the most. 

A great party piece. Dress it up with sequins or, if you're a minimalist, simply pair with a black top like this and a great pair of earrings. 

The perfect ankle boots if you ask me. Real leather, a comfortable heel height and an elegant toe shape that will look so good peeking out under jeans, wide-leg trousers and dresses. 

A gorgeous camel coat for under £100!! Thank you, H&M. 

I can't get over how expensive M&S bags look this season—I keep recommending this one to everyone. 

So pretty! I'd wear these with worn in Levi's and a red lip but you could just as easily pair with party dresses. 

There's no way you won't look rich wearing this camel coat. 

If you want to look stylish and polished this winter, layer a red knit under your staples. 

There must be a reason that every fashion person owns this jumper in at least one colour. I just bought this one to find out. 

If it's not got a scarf attached, I'm not interested. 

Tweed bouclé jackets are nearly impossible to find in stock these days given their popularity. I love this new-in style worn with loose jeans. 

Party season is coming, and while I'm averse to sequins and sparkle that only have a few weeks wear in them, this elegant top is the perfect alternative for minimalists that can be worn with jeans or smarter black trousers for an incredibly chic evening look. Add statement earrings and a red lip and you're ready to take on the season. 

While these boots aren't made from real leather, from looking at them it's very hard to tell. I actually have a pair of non-leather boots from H&M and they have lasted really well over the years. 

Our copy editor tuned up to the office in this classic jumper this week and we all 1) Asked her where it was from and 2) Couldn't believe it when it wasn't designer. M&S wins again. 

Another thing I tell my friends and clients who ask me for tips on curating a polished winter wardrobe is to add an understated black or tan crossbody bag (preferably with gold hardware) into their rotation. Of course, a classic bag like this is a great piece to invest a little bit more in (I love Demellier or A.P.C for this), but the high street do come out with some great expensive-looking options once in a while if you're on a budget—this H&M style being a great example. 

Mango seem to be doing a very good job of producing designer-looking coat styles recently. This could so pass for the real deal. 

The slouchy shape, mole-brown colour and tailored pleating all make these trousers look like they could have walked straight off a designer catwalk. 

For once, one of H&M's incredibly expensive looking bouclé jackets is actually in stock. 

I honestly always recommend M&S boots to my friends come winter—they're just so comfy (that famous Insolia Flex® tech is not messing around), and the quality means they last and last, no matter how many times you wear them. These knee-highs are the perfect way to look polished for work (with knit dresses) or weekends (with leggings) without the pain of having to wear heels. 

Fashion insiders know that if you're in need of an affordable pair of expensive-looking wide-leg trousers, you turn to H&M. 

Back in stock alert, people! These Free People flats have been flying out in every colour but the black is back (probably for a short time only). 

The chic companion for your tailored trousers, sleek skirts, much-loved denim and more. 

I love this deep burgundy colour as an alternative to black boots—it makes them perfect for wearing with black dresses all winter. Don't miss Amazon's Prime Day deals while you're adding these to your basket. 

The key to making your outfits look expensive and incredibly chic this season is to add a pop of this bright red. 

The cosy bouclé texture of this elevates it completely. 

TikTok is going wild for these viral trousers and I'm not surprised—they come in so many chic autumn colours, as well as different length and curve options, too. 

Although not "cheap" by any means, this bag looks four times its price tag—at least!

I'm all about knitted dresses this year and this one is top of my list. 

The best trousers on the high street, hands down. It's a miracle they're still in stock tbh. 

Add this to any of your autumn outfits to instantly make them look more expensive. 

I honestly gasped when I found out these were M&S.