The Simple Reason These Clothes Look More Expensive

For all the fast-fashion turnarounds that high-street stores can produce, one of the most important differences between expensive and affordable fashion is always in the fabric. While prints can be more easily emulated—a polka-dot is a polka-dot, after all—complicated weaves and advanced surface details are not so easy to achieve without some seriously good research and high-tech fabric mills.



Vanessa Jackman

Textures such as tufted wools, fringed suede or decorative jacquards will always look more luxe. So when you're shopping for a new springtime fix, consider the fact that for an item to be touchy-feely will most likely mean it looks way beyond its price tag. With our eye forever trained on the high-street pieces that fit the bill, we've created an edit of 11 textural treats you can snag right now. Scroll down to shop from the most deceptively bank-friendly buys.