If There Were Ever a Time to Try One of These At-Home Foot Masks, It's Now

Question: Have you ever tried an exfoliating foot mask? If you have, you’ll know exactly why there’s such an industry hype around them. If not, now’s the time to get involved. It might not be the most appealing DIY beauty treatment, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get those results, right? And if it’s baby-soft, sandal-ready feet you’re after, there’s nothing quite as effective as one of these. 

Foot masks have always been hot property amongst beauty editors, and I personally have heard many a conversation on the topic, including hushed whisperings of the not-so-pretty peeling process, but always followed by shocked exclamations of the spa-like effects they left behind. Not only are they proven to give great results, but they also fall under the affordable-and easy-to-do-at-home category—bonus!

Be warned, though. This is a treatment you have to set some time aside for (some would say the perfect thing for a period of self-isolation). The masks themselves vary in how long they should be left on. Some are as short as an hour but no longer than overnight. And a quick piece of advice from us: Always soak your feet in warm water for a short time before applying any of these masks to help the process along. The exfoliation part, however, involves the mask's ingredients working slowly over a period of time, sometimes up to a week or 10 days, before any results are seen. Honestly, there’s no other way to describe what happens next other than the top layer of your skin sheds, much like a snake, leaving behind baby-soft soles underneath. 

So if you’re ever planning to use one in preparation for a specific event in future, be sure to leave at least a week beforehand. And no matter how convinced you are that it hasn’t worked, maybe just leave it another day before heading out for your daily walk in flip-flops. Trust us, though—the results are worth it. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the best foot masks on the market for you to shop now because, really, when has there ever been a better time to try it?

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