Last week, we revealed that Justin Timberlake was teaming up with interior designer Estee Stanley to launch HomeMint, a custom collection of luxury home goods. This week, we're pleased to give you an exclusive sneak peek of some HomeMint products you can snap up once the site officially launches! Harnessing their exquisite taste and eye for impeccable style, Timberlake and Stanley have curated and designed a stunning array of pieces ranging from unique wall art to charming home accessories. Read onto find out more about the HomeMint picks we can't wait to snag for our pads. After all, there's no place like home--especially a stylish one!

As for how it works, you have two shopping options. You can become a member by paying a monthly membership fee of $9.99, which is applied as a credit towards any purchase and gives you guaranteed access to limited-edition picks, as well as exclusive tips from Timberlake and Stanley. If you don't want to commit, that's fine too. You can still shop the collection, just without any membership perks!

Decorative Silver Skull (Member: $329.99, Non-Member: $445.99)
HomeMint's selection of home décor accessories is perfect for injecting your place with personality! Stanley herself carefully curated these authentic, collectible accents from her favourite art and antiques dealers in Los Angeles. We're especially fond of this silver skull, which serves as an unexpectedly edgy addition to your bookcase or as a fabulous desk paperweight.

Celadon Embossed Rice Bowl with Cover (Member: $499.99, Non-Member: $679.99)
Supplement your dishware collection with this elegant rice bowl. Whether you're entertaining a large dinner party or dining with just a few, your guests will certainly be impressed by this luxe yet functional piece. Plus, the bowl's pretty pale green hue gives your dining room table a boost of lively colour!

Black Clay Jar with Handles (Member: $647.99, Non-Member: $899.99)
No matter what your personal aesthetic may be, HomeMint caters to a wide variety of tastes. If you're fond of antique pieces, you'll love this decorative black clay jar. The accent boasts a slightly timeworn, vintage feel, making it appear like a one-of-a-kind find, and would make a tasteful addition to your coffee table!

Speckled Silk Pillow (Member: $59.99, Non-Member: $79.99), Belgian Stripes Pillow (Member: $39.99, Non-Member: $54.99), and Jacobean Print Pillow ($39.99, Non-Member: $54.99)
In a variety of eye-catching patterns and shades, HomeMint's decorative pillows are a simple (and easy) way of enhancing your living room or bedroom. Adorn your couch or bed with a handful of cushions in the same motif, or choose to mix different prints for a chic, slightly mismatched look. This trio of pillows, in complementary shades of orange, would certainly make a striking statement in any abode!

Grooved Glass Thermos and Tumbler (Member: $28.99, Non-Member: $34.99)
Even your everyday thermos becomes a streamlined and sophisticated showpiece, thanks to Timberlake and Stanley. We love how this tall thermos, with its accompanying screw-on tumbler, is made of clear glass, which lends it a sleek and modern look.