W3 by Who What Wear $39.95

As you know by now, we spent the last year working on our second book--the recently debuted What to Wear, Where --but that's not the only thing we were crafting! In addition to writing our how-to handbook for most important and confounding social situations, we also collaborated with the amazing JustFabulous team on a line of incredibly affordable shoes. The curated collection--W3 by Who What Wear--is comprised of all the footwear essentials you need in your closet, from office-appropriate heels to weekend-ready flats to party-perfect pumps. We're certain that you'll find the perfect options for any occasion, and, if you need any styling suggestions, just check out our book because we're wearing W3 by Who What Wear in every single shot! Best of all: each pair is only $39.95 and you get free shipping and returns. (Pretty cool, right?) We're showcasing a selection of our favourite styles today, but there are so many more styles to choose from, so make sure to check out the entire W3 by Who What Wear shoes on JustFab.com today!