I Won't Leave the House Unless I'm Wearing This Outfit-Elevating Accessory

Best everyday earrings: @sylviemus wearing gold hoop earrings



The truth is, if I leave the house without putting all of my jewellery on, I know I'm going to have a bad day. Slightly dramatic, maybe, but I just feel totally naked without my six rings, Monica Vinader chain necklace and my favourite hoop earrings from G Lundgren (a small label I discovered on Instagram). Back in the day, I used to change my Freedom at Topshop jewellery daily to show off my latest buys. Now, I tend to stick to the same styles, and putting them on has just become part of my morning routine. 

While I love my classic hoops, there are also so many styles—from pearl details to statement pairs—I believe work equally as well with any daytime look. There's something so chic about an oversized chunky pair worn with a crisp white shirt, jeans and ballet flats. Or a diamond earring juxtaposed with a simple T-shirt. If you're in the market for some new earrings that'll work across all seasons, year after year, here are 20 everyday earrings I rate. 

1. Simple Hoops 

These already come approved by Lucy Williams. Enough said. 

I've worn these practically every day for the past two years, and they're still my favourite. 

The texture on these big hoops is the only update they need. 

These squiggle hoops are such a cool twist (literally) on a classic. 

2. Chunky

Shell jewellery can work way beyond the summer months. 

Bottega Veneta has put drop earrings on the map. 

I would wear this mismatched metal pair with a simple white shirt and baggy jeans. 

Pilgrim is a go-to for jewellery that looks expensive, but isn't. 

3. Pearl Details 

You can also take the pearls off to just wear as mini hoops. 

These will make any outfit look polished. 

4. Gemstones 

Otiumberg is my ultimate favourite sustainable jewellery brand.