Eva Longoria Reveals Her Trick for Always Looking Great in Photos

Eva Longoria is obviously no stranger to the spotlight, having starred on Desperate Housewives for eight seasons, receiving a Golden Globe nomination, and being photographed on more red carpets than we can count. So when we saw her last night at Svedka's summer fiesta in Beverly Hills celebrating the launch of their new grapefruit jalapeño flavour, we had to know: What's her secret to always looking on-point in photos?

"Never have your arm pressed against your body, because that makes it look bigger than it really is," Longoria told us. "Even on me, I have little skinny arms, but if I stand like that, I look like I have huge arms!"

Instead, she said, it's best to stand with our hand on your hip and your arm angled away from your torso. And she clearly walks the walk, as you can see in the photo above! 

What do you think of Longoria's tip for always looking good in photos? Sound off in the comments below, and keep scrolling to shop our favourite arm-friendly pieces now!

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