I'm an Etsy Obsessive, and These Are the Unique Homeware Pieces I Love

Any interiors expert will tell you that you can't merely rely on new and bulk-produced products to create inspiring and chic décor. While the likes of IKEA and Habitat are undoubtedly handy and boast an array of sleek homeware options, the best way to add personality and character to your abode is by investing in independent, secondhand, or antique pieces to sit alongside your big-brand purchases. This, however, is easier said than done right now. 

Unearthing such pieces for your home should be enjoyable, but with car boot sales on hold and vintage warehouses temporarily off limits, where can you go to get your unique interiors fix? Handily, I have a suggestion. Lately, I seem to find myself losing hours in my day scrolling through Etsy's impressive homewares. Featuring everything from full-on furniture to small trinkets to decorate your mantle or windowsill with, Etsy's homeware section is a treasure trove of one-off or limited-edition pieces that will make any room or space more remarkable. The only downside is finding said pieces.

With tens of thousands of items currently filed under Etsy homeware, it can be daunting (to say the least) to trawl through them. You'll be pleased to hear, however, that I've been saving my favourite finds as I go, all of which you'll find below. From original oil paintings and handmade ceramics to antique furniture and gorgeous cushions, keep scrolling to see the best Etsy homeware pieces I've found on my digital travels.


A spoon rest is essential for all the soup I'm currently making. 

Up your tablescaping game with these hand-embroidered napkins. 

Easily the prettiest antique table I've seen. To be honest, you're lucky I'm sharing it with you. 

I've ordered these in just about every colour. 

These make for perfect gifts, too. 

Just one of my many current favourites from Fox Murray Home. 

No one will believe this vase isn't vintage. 

This store has some of the most impressive dried-flower arrangements I've come across—for reasonable prices, too. 

Just think how cute this lamp will look on your bedside table. 

I'm yet to burn this scent, but I can practically guarantee it's going to be delightful. 

Upgrade your hallway with this adorable antique woven bench. 

Rediscover your love of letter writing with these gorgeous stationery sets. 

Yet another stoneware mug I want to add to my growing collection. 

Ideal storage for a utility room or bathroom. 

This gingham tablecloth will be the focal point of my dining room from now until September. 

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