This Is Where I Secretly Shop for the Most Unique Fashion Pieces

If I were selfish, I wouldn't be writing this piece at all. But I am, in fact, a very generous person, so I will tell you my best-kept fashion secret: I buy most of my clothes on Etsy. Shopping locally in thrift and vintage shops as well as local small brands is always my priority, but there are certain things that only Etsy can sufficiently offer me.


Isabel Mundigo-Moore

There are three ways I use Etsy:

1. Trends. Working on the Who What Wear editorial team cultivated my eye for spotting trends. When I see one coming, I turn to Etsy to jump on it first, without investing too much in the designer version. This worked for pearl slides, sea shell jewellery and OTT headbands. 

2. Vintage. This is where I spend most of money on Etsy. It is the global home for nearly all vintage shops around the world, so the selection is just grand. 

3. International fashion. I've discovered so many unique brands from around the world through Etsy. It's a great way to source designs from parts of the globe with emerging fashion markets. 

I'll gently warn you know that it's possible to get quite carried away on Etsy because you can really find the most niche pieces. Some of my recent purchases include a set of jelly moulds, a pair of 1950s bloomers, satin trousers, and a 1960s house jacket. I wear one of these on a regular basis, but I do love them all. With that in mind, keep scrolling for the 6 Etsy shops I love the most.

Bleus Bleus, Seoul

When our Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi sent me a link to this South Korean shop last year, I bought a dress almost instantly. I've since purchased a few pieces and constantly receive compliments on them. The fabrics are quality and the minimalist silhouettes are cut beautifully. I really almost left this one off the list out of greed. Also, I have had no issue with surprise import fees.

Blue Blossom Vintage

Blue Blossom Vintage is basically my vintage Laura Ashley source. If you're obsessed with these nostalgic prints and want to dress like your best '80s self, look no further.

Lila Vintage Shop, London

This London-based vintage shop features unique English brands like Mary Quant and Clarks. There are so many pieces available right now that are very 2019. Hot tip: If you love a brand, use the vintage filter on Etsy to see what pieces are available. 

Design by Hummingbird

When Prada sent that massive headband down the runway last year, I quickly turned to Etsy if any were available. I came across this lovely shop that sells handmade padded headbands of various sizes at a really affordable price. They're a great accessory for summer weddings!

Emma Warren Design, Whitminster

I love the look of embroidered T-shirts so much. Emma Warren's sweet designs featuring bees, flowers and other natural motifs add a perfect personal touch to one's collection.