This Classic Full-Coverage Foundation Has Cult Status—Here's Why It's So Popular

Let's be real here, shopping for foundations is not the most pleasurable of beauty tasks. There's shade ranges to consider, different formulas to contend with and the worst case scenario of putting in all of that legwork and coming home with a foundation that you can never wear outside. 

With an ever-increasing amount of foundations on the market, it's easy to get lost in the noise.That's where the classics come in handy. The tried and tested products that have tons of online reviews, and the wonderful folk who swatch the shades so you have some idea of what to expect. You just know where you stand with the originals and they rarely let you down. 

One of these being the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation Makeup (£34). The OG launched in 1997 and it still comes up top as most people's go-to foundation. There's over 60 shades, the finish is sublime and it really does stay in place. But, what else does it have to offer?

Estee Lauder Double Wear: Erica Davies



First of all, you can forget touch-ups. This mattifying foundation, isn't going to budge. Unlike other full coverage, matte foundations, the longer you wear this the better the finish. It might be matte but it still gives your complexion some true-to-life radiance without being a total oil slick as the day goes on. The formula is thick without weighing down the skin and luckily, it doesn't dry down into that overly powdered finish that most matte foundations can do.

There's no need to mix foundation shades either as the shade range is so inclusive. The shades span from light to deep and most importantly, have three different undertone categories. Cool, neutral and warm–so you're guaranteed to find the ideal match. 

Ready for more? Make the most of this foundation, with some of the other Estée Lauder products that people go wild for. 

Another one with cult status, but this time in the form of a mascara. The reason why this is such a staple in so many makeup bags is firstly, because of the incredibly lengthening brush and that it actually stays put all day. You can rest assured that even in a tropical climate, you won't find it smeared all over your eyes.

This much-loved serum is affectionately known as ANR, and that should give you some indication of how adored it is. Mainly because it's that good. Its main goal is to combat the effects that our busy, stressful and subject to pollution lives have on our skin. With daily use, skin is left feeling hydrated, smoother and with those coveted bouncy cheeks.

Sheet masks are rarely worth the faff that it takes to apply and keep them on your face, but this one is not your average sheet mask. It stays firmly on the face and the foil locks in all of the Advanced Night Repair Serum goodness, for incredibly moisturising benefits that last for way longer than the application time.

A lipstick that holds onto the richest pigment, is easy to apply, packaging looks great for public use and keeps lips feeling comfortable and moisturised? Sounds like a winner. 

The perfect partner for the Double Wear Foundation. This double-ended concealer has a smoothing serum to keep lids hydrated and nourished before you apply the concealer at the other end. The combination of the two formulas work a treat for brightening and concealing without sacrificing on longevity.

If you're not into the full coverage finish of the original foundation, this could be just the solution. With a lighter and fresher finish, this is the ultimate "your skin but oh, so silky and healthy-looking" foundation.

Bronzers can be pretty divisive but this one is a crowd pleaser. It melts into skin to give a natural-looking radiance that adds life into any foundation. If you're not a big fan of lots of shimmer, this has just the right amount.

Up next, the cult concealer that one editor has used every day for the last 7 years.

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