In 2018, We Might Actually Wear Corsets to the Gym

The corset made an unlikely comeback in 2016 when Prada layered lace-up belts on top of jackets, but even we couldn't predict where corsetry would go next. In 2018, you might be wearing a corset to spin class, as new Parisian label Ernest Leoty has positioned itself as a "couture" house for exercise clothing.

Maison Ernest Leoty was originally opened in the 19th century in Paris and was famous for its corset making. If you are a fashion history geek, you might recognise the name (these original corsets are a collector's piece and are housed at the V&A Museum and the Met Museum in New York). "While most corsets constrained the body, Leoty corsets allowed easy movement," the site explains of the significance of these corsets. "Their smart cut and elasticity gave women room to breathe. They were modern and technical for their time without compromising style."