Exclusive: Erin Wasson on How You Can Be More Effortless Every Day

The word cool gets thrown around a lot these days, but if a fashion dictionary existed and you were to look up the term, we're pretty certain there'd be a picture of model Erin Wasson nonchalantly staring back at you. The 34-year-old Dallas-native burst onto the scene as a teen with a shaved head, tattoos and next to no desire to be a model at all. She has since made her unique mark across every facet of the industry imaginable: from styling Alexander Wang's pivotal off-duty look into reality on the runway to launching her own jewellery line, securing high-profile spots on the Chanel Haute Couture runway as the finale bride, holding a long-standing gig as the face of Maybelline, featuring in the Pirelli calendar and in a long, long list of ad campaigns, editorials, catwalks, movies and projects in-between.

Her personal style has long been revered and decoded, but never predicted. Oh, and she totally has a half-pipe skate ramp in her backyard. And, giving us the opportunity to have a catch-up, Erin is now the face of a very cool new London-based shoe brand: Attribute. This awesome start-up is cutting out the wholesale middleman, producing kick-ass shoes at a better price and selling them online through their own site (aside from a super-fun Shoreditch pop-up, open now). As if that couldn't pique your interest enough, soon Erin will be designing her own shoe for the brand…

Keep reading to see our interview with Erin and to shop Attribute's first-ever collection.


Courtesy of Attribute

WHO WHAT WEAR UK: What's the driving force (apart from being nude!) behind getting dressed every morning?

ERIN WASSON: My style has always been the same idea. Very free, easy, relaxed, and slightly androgynous. I think it came with being from Texas. It's a laid-back kind of place. I've never been a girly-girl, never drawn to things that are fussy. And the older I get, the more basic I get. I look at pictures of the stuff I wore five years ago and am like, Wow, I was really going there. I've become so simple these days. I like the idea of not looking at trends, not being driven by them. I like what I like and that's it.


Courtesy of Attribute

WWWW UK: Do you ever change your outfit countless times before going out? If not, tell us your secret, please.

EW: No! I am pretty good at grabbing what I need and knowing my own body without needing to change over and over.

WWW UK: Is the key to effortlessness actually being effortless? 

EW: I think it is something built into you. I think if you try to be something you are not it can look contrived and go wrong, but I do think people can strip down their style to be more basic.


Courtesy of Attribute

WWW UK: It's party-time. Do you go for heels or flats? And why?

EW: I'm a Texan native, so I’m definitely a boot girl. I love a cowboy boot or ankle boot—variations on these are my go-tos. 

WWW UK: How would you advise someone who is cautious of wearing something out-there like the gold over-the-knee boots in the most casual way?

EW: You could be brave and just own wearing them and make the rest of the outfit work less or be more simple. Or play around with them and scrunch them down to make a different-looking boot—those are quite malleable as the leather is soft.


Courtesy of Attribute

WWW UK: What is it you love about Attribute?

EW: The design mentality of the brand, plus the vibe and spirit of the collection is quite rock and roll. I like that they are new and at the early stages of crafting what they will look and feel like. They are e-commerce only (apart from a pop-up store on 42 Redchurch Street, London), which means anyone in the world can buy into the brand. Again that feels inclusive. I like that they are taking on the shoe giants by removing the wholesale margin from the cost and retailing directly to a consumer; it's brave.

WWW UK: I know you can't give anyway what you've designed yet, but has it given you a chance to create something you've always wanted?

EW: Let's just say that the Nicks Mule which comes in cracked leather in white and in black, and a leopard print, plus the Patti Boot—which has this great blue and white contrast design with heavy stud work—are the key boots for me…

So shop from the first ever Attribute collection below—and watch this space for Erin's shoe in September.

So much more than your average ankle boots.

They're a little bit country, they're a little bit rock 'n' roll.

These were practically invented for wearing with cropped jeans.

The ultimate is-it-going-to-rain-isn't-it-going-to-rain option.

For girls who don't do girly sandals.

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Opening Image: Getty/Melodie Jeng

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