Not All Fashion Investments Are Boring, Basic Pieces

Whilst we admit that fashion moves at lightening speed in most ways, there are things that have slowed down in the land of style—primarily, the turnover of trends. Rather than radical switch-ups each and every season, since the recession, designers have more commonly been building on their signatures, updating them, sure, but never being so wildly different from the last collection that you automatically feel outmoded no matter how hard you try.

So it means that you too have been given time to fathom your own closet signatures. What do you wear year upon year? And therefore, what's really worth investing in?

One of those items that has truly stood the test of time—and we have no doubt will continue to after viewing a knockout autumn/winter 2016 collection today—is the lace dress. Not any ol' lace dress, but the exquisite type you'll find designed by Mr. Erdem Moralioglu. This has become something of a house code for the London-based createur, and the new season's lineup was romantic and sensual enough for the aspiring actresses who inspired the show. These lively lovelies came from all epochs and decades—we spotted references from the 1800s through to the 1940s—but whatever the date, one of these expertly spliced, diced, panelled and trimmed, couture-like dresses will always age well. (And if you think they're only for parties, one quick glance at the new season as a whole and you'll easily see that it's all about wearing a fancy dress in your down time, punked up or layered over jeans).

Scroll down to see our edit of the A/W 16 catwalk collection, and if you're feeling inspired, shop Erdem!

Are you a long-standing fan of the Erdem lace dress? If so, shout out below.