The #1 Engagement Ring Style No One Is Buying Anymore

If you've ever thought about getting engaged, you might have dreamt about those big gobstopper-type diamond rings that are as gorgeous as they are huge. But while the trend used to be classic princess-cut rings, the latest, most popular engagement ring styles are completely the opposite. 

According to Bloomberg, the millennial category of potential diamond ring buyers (18- to 35-year-olds) aren't spending as much on rings and are opting for pieces that no one else has: In short, they want something unique, and it doesn't have to cost a lot. 

Gleem & Co (a jewellery company) co-founder Casey Sullivan confirmed the new generation want "something different that they identify with." Not only that, there's a big rise in popularity of coloured diamonds too, adding to the idea that couples are after something that is meaningful.

How we're shopping for engagement rings has changed as well. Over the past five years, eBay has seen a 58% rise in rings sold on the auction site, not to mention Etsy has become an extremely popular place for many to buy jewellery too. 

Add that to the fact that this particular demographic is marrying later and earns less money, and all signs point to a decrease in the popularity of the diamond industry. We know, however, there are plenty of different rings to choose from, that are suitable for every budget. Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite unique engagement rings to shop now.

Who says you have to stick to traditional shapes?

Want to go for something antique? Etsy could have what you're looking for. 

An all-yellow engagement ring is something we haven't seen before. 

Want more? Shop 22 of the best engagement rings for every budget.

Opening Image: Timur Emek/Getty Images

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