Jewellery Experts Agree: These 6 Engagement-Ring Trends Will Dominate This Year

It seems counterintuitive to talk about engagement-ring trends. After all, these are pieces of jewellery you'll likely be wearing for a very, very long time, and the term "trend" feels all too flippant. But still, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that engagement-ring preferences tend to ebb and flow. While they might not change as frequently as, perhaps, pieces of clothing, shoes or bags, new aesthetics do come into the engagement-ring conversation from time to time, and it's worth paying attention to them when they do. You never know; you might find something that feels more intrinsically "you" than, say, a classic solitaire. So, what are the top engagement-ring trends for 2022, I hear you ask? Let's get into it.

Engagement Ring Trends 2022: Which engagement ring trends are in for 2022? Let’s find out...



I got engaged way back in 2013, so suffice to say, I've fallen a little out of the loop regarding engagement-ring trends. So I turned to the experts. I spoke to four jewellery designers who create some of the most stunning engagement rings I've ever laid eyes on. With more bespoke engagement-ring requests being made than ever before, these professionals have first-hand insight into the most in-demand engagement-ring trends for 2022. With a few styles influenced by some recent high-profile celebrity engagements, scroll on to see the six engagement-ring trends experts deem need-to-know for 2022. 


"Gypsy Rings [rings where gemstone is set flush into the band, and actually have a pretty fascinating history leading back to the Victorian age] have been making a real comeback recently and we are thrilled about this as big and bold is what we do best,” says Lucy Crowther, founder of Minka Jewels. "We recently made the most beautiful blue sapphire and diamond Gypsy style ring as an engagement ring for a bespoke client and have added a range of ready-to-wear gold gypsy rings featuring an array of vibrant coloured stones to our Berlin collection, all of which make wonderful alternatives to the traditional engagement ring, all the while being incredibly wearable and resilient. This trend for something unique and eye-catching is becoming so popular when it comes to engagement rings: My clients are really moving away from plain diamond designs and towards something bolder."

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If I had to choose a new engagement ring for myself, this would be it. 

White gold settings make diamonds look even sparklier. 

Why not opt for a coloured gemstone? (More on those later). 


Engagement Ring Trends 2022: Double-stone engagement rings



Are two stones better than one? That’s totally down to your personal preference and opinion, but what you can’t deny is that two-stone engagement rings are having a moment right now. Cropping up in the collections of designers big and small, ready-to-wear and bespoke, and I have a feeling this is an engagement-ring “trend” that’ll be sticking around for a long while. 

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Thanks to Ariana Grande, pearl engagement rings are also cropping up.


Engagement Ring Trends 2022: Mixed metal engagement rings



"Mixed metals are having a real moment—my clients are combining yellow and white gold and rose and white gold which gives a really modern, impactful look,” says Emma Clarkson Webb, founder of Emma Clarkson Webb Bespoke. "Traditionally it was an absolute no to mix metals, so I love that it’s back in fashion; it makes for such a versatile look and means that you aren’t limited in terms of your other jewellery. My clients are also becoming much more adventurous when it comes to combining different cuts of diamonds—baguettes with rounds, for example. I love that there are no rules when it comes to designing an engagement ring; in 2022, anything goes!"

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Price upon request. 

I’m a sucker for Deco-inspired rings. 


No longer relegated to trend territory, engagement rings with brightly coloured gemstones have become a more timeless selection. Most notable is The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, which features a sapphire centrepiece. Megan Fox revealed her emerald-and-diamond engagement ring to the world just this year. Not only does this open up a host of chic engagement-ring options, but it means the ring you or your partner chooses has the potential to be a more acute reflection of your overall personal style. 

Two trends collide in this emerald-toned gypsy ring. 


"The biggest trend I'm seeing is still sculptural rings,” affirms Jessie Thomas, founder of Jessie Thomas Jewellery. "People are looking for a more interesting version of a solitaire—something that’s a bit chunkier and cooler. A ring that is more individual and unique to them. There is a real move away from dainty, claw set diamonds and it's often more in line with certain peoples style to have something heavier, asymmetrical and unusual."

Pavé diamond engagement rings are some of my favourites. 

The addition of black enamel really elevates this sculptural ring. 


"At the moment we are seeing people gravitate towards classic styles, but with a twist,” advises Rachel Boston, founder of Rachel Boston Jewellery. "This is very visible in the type of trilogy rings we are making at the moment. While the trilogy, or three-stone ring, is a classic design for an engagement ring (with the three stones romantically symbolising past, present, and future), we are seeing clients veer away from classic combinations, and towards more unusually shaped side-stones. We have been using half-moon side diamonds for a modern take on a softer, vintage style, as well as more graphic epaulette, trapeze, and bullet cut diamonds for the stylish deco-inspired geometry they lend a more traditionally-shaped centre stone. The combinations are endless, so even though it is instantly recognisable as an engagement ring, there is a lot of scope for the wearer's taste and personality to come through."

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From the positioning to the cut, this diamond engagement ring is perfect.