These Are the 6 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2020

According to Pinterest, we’re well into the time of year that searches for engagement rings increase by an average of 40%. June to January is officially engagement season, says the inspiration site, with Christmas being one of the most popular times to propose. So whether you’re waiting on that big question or far from it, what’s the harm in having an ogle at some of the most popular styles for the upcoming year? If you are in that place, it’s definitely acceptable to leave this article open on your laptop at home or subtly forward on to one of your partner's confidants. 

Although classic cuts and colours reign in the engagement ring world, there are always some trends that could make your choice stand out from everyone else's and help guide your partner into picking your perfect style. For 2020, the influence of the royals is still going strong with trilogy and multi-stone rings similar to Meghan Markle’s being ever popular. Similarly, colourful stones are becoming more and more of a classic choice thanks to Kate Middleton’s iconic sapphire number. Halo engagement rings saw a huge surge in popularity in 2019, with Pinterest noting a 565% rise in searches, but for next year, the simple solitaire is due to make a notable comeback.

Unsurprisingly, there’s also a conscious move toward more sustainable options. Alison Skeates, co-founder and CEO of London jewellery boutique EC One, says, "We've definitely seen an increase in people asking for sustainable engagement rings. In fact, customers have sought us out to create bespoke rings using recycled metals, gemstones and Fairtrade Gold, as well as rings set with lab-grown diamonds." That's one trend we're sure will last far beyond 2020.

Keep scrolling to see some major sparkle and hear what experts have to say about the biggest trends we’re about to see everywhere.

Kate Middleton's sapphire engagement ring:
Kate Middleton wears green dress and shows off her sapphire engagement ring


Meghan Markle's trilogy engagement ring:
Meghan Markle shows off her updated engagement ring with three stones and pave band.



1. Sustainable

According to Laura Chavez, founder of sustainable jewellery brand Lark & Berry"Around 70% of millennials are saying they're considering cultured (also called cultivated or lab-grown) diamonds for their rings. … We are seeing an upward trend given the benefits over mined diamonds: 100% conflict-free, no land or wildlife displacement and no groundwater pollution." The brand also plants five trees for every item of jewellery purchased from it, including engagement rings. 

2. Multi-Stone

Chavez also says the brand has been asked this season "for classic pieces with a twist, such as multi-stone rings, a modernised version of the traditional three-stone that started with the 'Meghan Markle effect.'" Why have one diamond when you could have six, right?

3. Coloured Stones

Skeates says of coloured stones, "Our customers are increasingly asking for 'alternative engagement ring' styles with peach-coloured or champagne sapphires and diamonds in yellow gold for a warmer hue." Choosing a colour that's special to you is certainly a way of making your ring unique, and it can often give a vintage twist if that's your style. Pinterest also noted a 208% rise in searches for turquoise rings, so be prepared to see plenty on your Instagram feeds over Christmas. 

4. Emerald Cut

Designers are also noting a rise in fancy-cut diamonds—that's the official name for anything other than round. The emerald cut is a classically different option that has an antique vibe but with a sophisticated silhouette. Jennifer Lopez recently flashed her new (rather large) emerald-cut engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez, and we're big fans. 

5. Pavé Bands

Make like Markle (along with many other recent brides) and up the sparkle with a pavé band to complement your main stone. The Duchess of Sussex was clearly very keen to incorporate this into her engagement ring, as she notably broke tradition and updated her original gold band after the recent birth of her son, Archie.

6. Solitaire

Gemma Clark, a Boodles sales associate and engagement ring expert, says of this iconic style, "People tend to be either in the vintage camp, or they go for a totally classic design and choose a solitaire ring whereby the central stone does all the talking." These rings certainly shout timeless to us.