These Are 2019's Engagement Ring Trends (You Know, Just in Case)

Whether you've just said yes to a very special question or your idea of commitment consists of finishing that box set on Netflix, most of us can agree on one thing: Ogling engagement rings never gets old. Few can resist pausing at the windows of jewellery stores to take stock of the shimmering trinkets on offer, and we're certainly no exception. But there are virtual methods too, i.e., looking at the latest jaw-droppingly expensive A-list rock or a new brand we've discovered on Instagram. For those of you who are already betrothed, set to be in the not-so-distant future or simply a keen gem-hunter (like me!), the quest for the perfect engagement ring can begin. But with so many cuts, colours and carats to be had, it's overwhelming to know where to begin.

Now that you've found the ring, what's the harm in checking out some wedding dresses?