While You Were Sleeping: The 9 Most Important Stories This Week

Catch up on the week's biggest Who What Wear stories over your Sunday coffee!

1. We broke it down: Here's how much you really should be spending on an engagement ring

2. No big deal: we're giving away a Céline bag. 

3. We gave you five easy things you can do right now to look more stylish.

4. For those of you who'd rather not spend a fortune, we gave you some easy-peasy Halloween costume ideas under $30.

5. We ran down the five biggest status symbols of the fashion elite--and how to get each piece on a budget

6. You learned how to dress for the office without being even remotely boring.

7. We gave you 15 seriously genius Halloween costume ideas inspired by the red carpet.

8. We had a very serious discussion about when and where you should and shouldn't wear sneakers.

9. We helped solve the mystery over why different shoe brands fit your feet so differently.

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