Behold: An Engagement Ring Box With a Hidden Camera to Record Your Proposal

1. There is now an engagement ring box with a built-in hidden camera to record your proposal. Because of course. [StyleCaster]

2. Here are the three fall trends you should totally buy ... and the three you should totally skip. [HuffPo]

3. There is now a champagne glass modelled after Kate Moss' breasts. [Fashionista]

4. Why two sofas are definitely better than one. [Domaine]

5. Southern eyewear line Krewe has cornered the market on New Orleans-inspired shades. [Racked]

6. This is kind of nuts, but it might work: Some people swear that eating and drinking collagen is good for your skin. [Byrdie]

7. Esquire has come out with its annual list of the most stylish men across America. And it's a serious dose of solid menswear.[Esquire]

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