The Contents of This Fashion Girl's Makeup Bag Cost £208—Here's What's Inside

If you've ever wanted to know what's really inside the makeup bags of the most stylish women in the industry, you're in luck. We've created a new column, Show Me the (Makeup) Money, to uncover the beauty products our fashion friends genuinely keep in their daily rotation—and how much their stash actually costs. I'll be delving inside their bags on your behalf and totting up every item in there, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Not only will you be left with an incredible shopping list, but also a realistic price tag to boot. Is there someone whose makeup bag you're dying to see inside? Slide into my Instagram DMs with your requests, and I'll see what I can do. This month, we're delving inside the everyday makeup bag of London fashion girl Emma Hill.

With over half a million followers on Instagram and 210,000 on YouTube, London girl Emma Hill is used to sharing her daily style, latest fashion picks and basic outfit inspiration with a pretty huge audience. More recently, though, Emma has taken to sharing an insight into her trademark natural, glowing makeup and has also made a shift in the way she shops for beauty products.

Passionate about making her beauty routine entirely cruelty-free by the end of this year, Emma has started to make more conscious product choices, which is why I couldn't wait to take a look inside her everyday makeup bag. Of course, the switch to sustainable beauty takes time, so there's still a real mix of products and brands in Emma's bag—all picked to help her achieve that luminous complexion she's known for.

Keep scrolling to shop Emma's everyday beauty favourites (totalling £208) for yourself.

"This is so easy to apply and a bit of a novelty that it comes in stick form. I use the stick directly on my face and then rub in gently with my fingers. It's lightweight and absorbs quickly, which is great if you're a last-minute makeup applier like me."

"I don't wear foundation because I find it's too heavy for my skin, so this is my alternative. It's lightweight and gives the most beautiful dewy glow. As it's a serum, I just apply with my fingers."

"I use this under my eyes and on any blemishes, applying directly with the spongey applicator and blending with my fingertips."

"I could quite happily leave the house in just bronzer—it makes me feel like I have some healthy colour to my face. Just a sweep across the top of my forehead, down my nose, my jawline and a dusting on my cheeks, and I feel human again."

"I've yet to find a better brush for applying bronzer."

"Using my fingertips, I tap and blend the highlighter on my cheekbones and add a couple of finger taps of one of the two blush shades to the apples of my cheeks."

"My brows are microbladed, so they never need a lot doing to them, but I sometimes use this to add some colour to the lighter areas. It's a three-in-one with a pencil, powder and gel, so it's perfect for any little touch-ups."

"If I have more time on my hands, I'll add an eyeliner flick. This one is very user-friendly, which is great if like me, you suck at makeup."

"I currently only have the travel size, as I wanted to test this before buying the full-sized product, but it's absolutely amazing! The brush is great and the consistency of the mascara itself is perfect for enhancing my long lashes without making them look clumpy and overloaded with product."

"I rarely wear colour on my lips, but as I suffer from dry lips, I always wear this lip balm to lock in moisture and keep them soft."

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