What's a bag that's really worth investing in and will carry me through a few se

We are all wondrous women-we go from gym to work to dinner to drinks without breaking a sweat. We have finally wised up and discovered that the right accessories can make this marathon lifestyle easier and more stylish. First on the must-have superhero list? A purse that can go seamlessly from day to night. We recommend one (or both) of the following options, which are available at every price point. Must-Try #1: The Oversized Portfolio Clutch Clutches are no longer just an evening accessory. With so many of these strapless beauties available, you can choose a pattern (geometric, leopard, colour-blocked), fabric (suede, python-embossed, croc-effect), or price (from splurge-worthy to totally affordable) that suits your style. Our only requirements? It must be big enough to make an impact (think somewhere between an iPad and a laptop case), and versatile enough to go from a work lunch to a date at a sake bar. Whether you go for a punch of colour (yellow or a navy/orange combo), a little sparkle (glittery leather or embellished sequins), or just a cool, interesting style (patchwork leather or mixed animal print), leave your unneeded acontremeau at home and travel lightly-stuff only the essentials in your clutch, like a mini wallet to your go-get-'em gloss. Must-Try #2: The Mini Cross-Body Bag Cross-body bags have weaved in and out of fashion for decades, and thankfully, they are back with a vengeance. We women simply can't resist the opportunity to be hands-free throughout our day, and have learned that this convenient carryall can also add a touch of personal style to our day-to-night look, whether it's quirky, eclectic, classic, trendy, or edgy! You can't go wrong with a solid-coloured version, whether it's bright orange, versatile black, or metallic, plus you've got plenty of options when it comes to bag shape too, from structured (likethis or this) to more rounded versions (like this or this). The requisites for these? Go small (think the size of a Kindle!); you'd be surprised how much it fits and how little you really need. Plus, the age-old bag-adage is true: the more space you have, the more likely you'll fill it. And trust us, your shoulders will thank you for being a minimalist! Also, be sure to find a bag with a strap that is plenty long, since it needs to generously cross your body and hang right at or below your hip-even after a big meal!