Can you suggest some different coats for different outfits? What do I wear with

Jack Frost is officially here, which means it's time to pull out (or purchase!) the perfect cold-weather coat. We know that this endeavour can be challenging, so we, as stylists, have crafted some flattering formulas that will ensure your outerwear is properly proportionate and chic for the climate. Coat Combo #1: Cropped jacket or faux fur chubby + natural-waisted or long dress. Look to Grace Kelly at the Oscars or Florence Welch before a show as your inspiration for this look. The contrast of a flowy gown with a cropped and fitted jacket is great. Your long statement dress should remain the star because your shorter coat-whether it's a biker, chubby, tux, or cape-is simply there to add a bit of warmth, accentuate your waist, and perhaps make your outfit a little more dramatic. We particularly love anything with texture, like boucle, faux fur, leather, or velvet! Coat Combo #2: Longer coat + shorter dress. This unexpected pairing is probably the easiest to achieve. While we love a right-above-the-knee coat that's structured and finished (think: strong shoulders and epaulets), we are also keen on styles with a schlumpier body, like an oversized men's coat. Paired with textured tights and a great little boot, this coat-and-dress combo goes from day to night with ease. Coat Combo #3: Peacoat + pants and a top. A peacoat is an undying classic and simply adds style to your jeans-and-sweater combo all winter. Since a peacoat can be a bit boyish, we suggest looking for one with a narrow or close fit in the shoulders, metallic buttons, and nice swing in the body. That's it! Now go layer up, friends!