11 Emerging London Brands You Need to Know About

London is a city constantly buzzing with fresh talent. While the sartorial destination houses some of the most talked-about brands, including Burberry, J.W.Anderson, and Christopher Kane, it's the smaller less-talked-about ones we want to highlight today. Because there are many definitions of "emerging" talent, the selection ahead includes brands that are stocked on Net-a-Porter, ones that barely have 10K followers on Instagram, ones that have won an LVMH Young Designer Prize, and everything in between.

Ahead, learn a little bit about 11 emerging London-based fashion brands you're about to see a lot more of, whether you like it or not. In case you haven't noticed, London fashion is fun. It's crazy. It's colorful. It's cool. The brands before you are all of that and then some. We encourage you to click on to each brand's Instagram and shop the curation of products at the end to really get a feel for each of these London labels. Trust us, this will be the most thrilling thing you'll do all day.

Yuhan Wang

Yuhan Wang is a young designer churning out whimsical pieces that look like they just emerged from Alice's rabbit hole. Between the festive color palettes, playful use of textures, and those heartwarming prints, this brand is bound to develop a cult following in no time. 

Richard Quinn

While Richard Quinn might not be a household name yet among those of us who aren't fashion freaks, he certainly has had his fair share of noteworthy moments throughout his career. One of which was when the queen of England attended his show last season, marking her first-ever fashion show. We could go on and on about his accolades, but for now, pay attention to his one-of-a-kind prints and voluminous silhouettes.

La Llama

Designed and founded by Lydia Cooper, La Llama is a bespoke label that reimagines vintage styles in unthinkable ways. Currently, the brand's reversible printed and faux-fur trimmed coats are the main attraction, but there's a lot coming down the pipeline.

Ryan Lo

Raised in Hong Kong but based in London, Ryan Lo is a designer who creates all kinds of fancy things. Thanks to his tiered tulle dresses and sweet Peter Pan collars, it takes only a brief look at a few of his pieces to grasp Lo's festive nature.

Wales Bonner

In 2016, Grace Wales Bonner won the LVMH 2016 Young Designer Prize, and the rest is history. Bonner designs luxury clothing that blends European and African approaches. The clothes are sleek, tailored, and make you re-evaluate the entirety of your wardrobe at first glance.


Kalda is the fun shoe brand you wish you had sitting in your closet every time you got dressed in the morning. Everything from sculptural heels to metallic flats can be found here.

Emma Brewin

You've probably spotted these furry toppers on celebrities like Dua Lipa and Adwoa Aboah, but what you probably didn't know was that this faux fur–focused brand is championed for its sustainable practices as well. If you're in the market for a fun new furry friend, Emma Brewin is your gal.


Having previously worked at Yeezy and The Row, A Sai Ta has learned a few things about designing clothing that is cool yet idyllic for a woman's everyday life. He's known for his jaw-dropping tie-dye pieces, striking shredded hemlines, and wild color palettes, and we can't wait for the day when women everywhere are sporting one of his tiny tie-dye tees. 

Charlotte Knowles

Charlotte Knowles and her partner, Alexandre Arsenault, are the masterminds behind the boundary-pushing London label that's generating quite the buzz. Focused on celebrating the female body in every regard, pieces from this brand are lingerie-inspired to the utmost degree, but don't worry: It's still wearable.

Supriya Lele

Designer Supriya Lele grew up in England, but her family is from India. The combination of her Indian heritage and her English childhood had a massive effect on her designs if you pay close attention. The result is a striking mixture of punk detailing and classic Indian silhouettes—pure gold.


Feathers and crystals and sequins… Oh, my! 16Arlington is your one-stop shop for all things glamour. If maximalism is what you're searching for, you'll find just the right amount with this label.

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