The £13 Moisturiser That French Girls, Makeup Artists and Celebs Adore

If there's one thing that I love, it's having a peek inside the kits of professional makeup artists to see what they're using. Which is why I was in my element when I got to take a seat in the makeup chair myself for a shoot this week. I was lucky enough to have celebrity makeup artist Malin Coleman prepping and painting my skin for another project, and as she slathered on moisturiser to create a dewy base, I asked her what product she always relied on to get skin looking its absolute best before makeup. The answer, as it almost always is, was Embryolisse—a cult French pharmacy moisturiser that costs just £13.

Embryolisse French Moisturiser: French Asos Insider Syana Laniyan



Created by dermatologists in a Parisian hospital in 1950, Embryolisse started life as a solution to maintaining the natural balance and health of the skin. After being introduced into French pharmacies, the versatile lotion has gone on to become a staple in French households, passed on from mothers to daughters as an essential moisturiser.

Embryolisse French Moisturiser: Parisian Claire Most wearing neon t-shirt and jeans



So what is it that makes the formula so adored? Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, Embryolisse is a great solution for all skin types but is particularly good at tackling dehydration. Not only does it provide the skin with all the nutrients and water it needs for balance, but it also accelerates cell renewal so your skin will actually look brighter and healthier over time.

Embryolisse French Moisturiser: Parisian AnneLaure Mais Moreau



Since then, it's gone on to become a beauty insider secret—a staple skincare product in the kits of makeup artist and the bathroom cabinets of celebrities. In fact, a tube of the stuff sells every 23 seconds. A-listers like Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Keegan and Elle MacPherson all swear by it too. "What I am particular about is moisturisers. My favourite is French pharmacy moisturiser Embryolisse. It's a no-nonsense, good quality cream," says MacPherson.

Embryolisse French Moisturiser: Michelle Keegan



As for how you actually use it, the best thing about Embryolisse is that it's such a multitasker. You can use it as a daily moisturiser or primer by massaging a small amount into clean skin, as a makeup remover by applying it to a cotton pad, or as an overnight mask by applying a thick layer before bed.

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