This Parisian Just Showed Me Her Epic Shoe Collection

There is honestly no great mystery as to why some people possess an all-encompassing love for shoes. It's because even when you're wearing an outfit that makes you feel a bit meh, a great pair of shoes can suddenly make it feel perfect.

But there are a few people who have really curated an impeccable shoe wardrobe. One such person is Ellie Delphine, also known as Slip Into Style. The influencer and stylist is originally from Martinique but is currently living in Paris. I've been a follower of her page for over a year and her knack of not just finding the coolest new shoes, but knowing how to style them is rarely rivalled. (She'd give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her, well, shoes.) It's why I decided to interview her on all things footwear and glean some expert knowledge on how to find the perfect pair of shoes as well as knowing which trends she rates right now. 

Who What Wear UK: You have a great eye for shoes. What do you look for when buying shoes?

Ellie Delphine: I’m drawn to shoes that go out of the ordinary, shoes you don’t necessarily see everywhere. I love a bold animal print, an interesting detail or a funky heel shape. When buying shoes, I always look at the design first however I’m not willing to sacrifice comfort entirely. So extremely high heels are a no-no for me because I look for shoes I can actually wear more than once and walk in in real life.

WWW: Heels or flats? 

ED: Heels simply because they make me feel feminine and they make clothes look better. They elongate your silhouette. Wearing heels is an instant confidence boost for me.

WWW: Have you ever bought the same pair of shoes twice because you loved them so much? 

ED: Yes I did, they were a pair of Forever 21 red wrap-around sandals. I also got them in white because I wanted to go for a mismatched look—just like in the old Céline by Phoebe Philo campaign—and they were quite inexpensive. They were sold out In France, so I ordered them and had them shipped all the way over from Australia. That’s how serious I am about shoes! 

WWW: Do Parisian women invest in shoes? 

ED: I think they like to invest in solid classics for every occasion in their lives like a pair of black pumps for work, something a little sexier for nights out with the girls.

WWW: Is there a particular shoe you'd consider Parisian?

ED: Nothing says preppy Parisian like a ballet shoe!

WWW: Which shoe trends do you love right now? Any particular brands you love too?

ED: I’m loving square-toed shoes at the moment, anything from Bottega Veneta, By FAR or Miista are go-to's. 

WWW: Which shoe trends will you be investing in next season?

Definitely chain-embellished shoes‚ whether a plain golden pair or one with rhinestones. They elevate the look of any shoes.

WWW: Finally, what's your desert-island pair of shoes? 

ED: My pair of Hermes Oran sandals. They're life-proofed. I've worn them everywhere from the city to the beach. I even went hiking in them. They're a wardrobe staple.

Now keep scrolling to see more of Ellie's shoe collection.

Style Notes: Fruity Mary Janes paired with bold green trousers are such a fun twist on this style of shoe. 

Style Notes: Blue and green should definitely be seen. 

Style Notes: These Wandler shoes became an instant hit with the fashion set. 

Style Notes: If you're looking for sneakers, take a tip from Ellie and go for a pair of New Balance. Wear with straight-leg jeans for the ultimate "'90s dad" look. 

Style Notes: If in doubt, go for embellished shoes. 

Style Notes: A classic pair of knee-high boots will always look chic with midi dresses. 

Style Notes: The Manolos that we know Carrie Bradshaw loves too. 

Style Notes: Square-toed shoes continue to be a big trend for this season. 

Style Notes: More embellishment. Sometimes all you need to make a pair of black heels look extra special. 

Style Notes: These pearl-embellished sandals are by Arizona Love

Style Notes: The contrast of the yellow soles and the black heels is what makes these shoes so incredibly eye-catching. 

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