Actress Elizabeth McLaughlin on the Zara Top She Can’t Stop Wearing

If you’re looking for something to fill your time this weekend, we have a suggestion: Grab your friends and dive straight into the binge-worthy new Amazon series Hand of God. Trust us—you won’t regret it. But before you do, let us introduce you to one of the show’s leading ladies, Elizabeth McLaughlin, a gorgeous redhead with an affinity for T-shirts and ’70s fashion. In other words, our kind of girl. We caught up with the beauty to talk fall must-haves, style crushes, and that seriously awesome Zara top she wears everywhere. Keep scrolling to read what she had to say!


Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait

Who What Wear: What item is on heavy rotation in your wardrobe right now?
Elizabeth McLaughlin: I have an incredibly simple, structured white crop top from Zara that I can’t seem to take off! It's so classic and versatile I can wear it with almost anything. My favourite pairings have been with high-waisted baby-blue cigarette slacks and a black-and-white patterned tea skirt.

WWW: What fashion item is currently on your wish list?
EM: I am loving that the ’70s are back this fall! I’m so anxious to get my hands on a pair of suede high-waisted flare pants in a camel colour. It would be perfect if I could find a waistcoat to match.

WWW: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
EM: The best fashion advice I received was to stock up your closet with a lot of great classics that never really go out of style and can be repurposed with new trendy items. Also, an all-black ensemble is never a bad idea.


Nick Barose

WWW: Is there a trend or time period that best speaks to your personal style?
EM: Lately, I’ve been very into the late-’50s to early-’60s silhouettes. I love classic button-ups, cigarette trousers, and tea skirts. 

WWW: What’s your fashion guilty pleasure?
EM: At the heart of it, I am very much a jeans-and–T-shirt girl. I have an entire large drawer in my closet overflowing with T-shirts of nearly every colour and pattern. My addiction is so bad that my best friend won’t let me buy any more when I’m with her until I get rid of some of the ones I have.

WWW: Who are some women that inspire you in the fashion community?
EM: In more ways than one, I am very inspired by Emma Watson. On her latest press tour, she made the choice to wear only garments made by socially conscious designers. Plus, Emma always looks très chic. I’m also a fan of stylists Micaela Erlanger and Petra Flannery; they always hit the perfect note between high on-trend fashion while maintaining classic aesthetics.


Alex Dean

WWW: Who do you love to follow on Twitter or Instagram?
EM: I love following fashion publications, such as Vogue and Pret-a-Reporter, to keep up with the current trends, as well as top stylists in the business. I’m also interested in photography in film, so I love following some of my favourite cinematographers to keep up with their work. But of course, I love following my friends, who are usually all over the world working on passion projects, so it’s great to see where they are in the world doing what they love.

WWW: OK, let’s talk about your show Hand of God. Why should people tune in?
EM: Hand of God is a show that is completely unlike anything you’ve seen before. The show is more like a film broken into 10 parts. There is a ferociously fast-paced dynamic to our show that will have the viewers sucked in and happy to be along for the ride that never slows down. The story explores the grey space between “good” and “bad” and challenges the audience to the question: What is Pernell Harris, played by Ron Perlman, doing? Is it because he is insane or inspired? Hand of God is a show that is not only wickedly entertaining but also one that actually makes the viewers stop and think.

WWW: Can you tell us about your character Alicia?
EM: Alicia is the partner in faith and crime to Reverend Paul Curtis, played by the sensational Julian Morris. She is the Bonnie to his Clyde. At the start of the series, the audience is introduced to her with only her strongest quality: her unwavering loyalty to Paul and his dreams. As the first season continues, we see how young she really is, and through being faced with tough circumstances, she is forced to grow up and figure out who she is as a woman. Alicia finds herself, beliefs, and relationship with Paul tested to the max.


Nick Barose

WWW: You can stream all episodes on Amazon now. What was the last show you binge-watched? 
EM: Yes! And it’s the perfect show to binge! The last show I binge-watched was Orphan Black. (Thank you, Amazon Instant Video.) I am completely obsessed with that show, and Tatiana Maslany is a true revelation as an actress. Every episode she just blew me away, making me completely forget that it was the same actress playing 13 different roles.

WWW: You also star on Pretty Little Liars! Can you tell us any “secrets” from the set?
EM: The Pretty Little Liars set was easily the most secure set I’ve ever been on. Everything was so under wraps it was difficult to get any extra information! I was only allowed to see the scripts that my character was in, and everything was password protected and bar coded. Now that A has been revealed, I’m so excited to see what Marlene King has in store for Rosewood after the time jump!

WWW: What celebrity makes you swoon?
EM: I’ve just started watching the Netflix show Narcos, and two of the male leads, Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal, are so phenomenally talented in those roles that they definitely make a lady swoon.

WWW: What’s something most people might not know about you?
EM: I’m in love with flowers! I constantly have fresh wild flowers in my apartment, and one of my favourite things is to go down to the Los Angeles Flower Market early in the morning to get a bulk of flowers to design arrangements for family and friends. I’m often the go-to if a friend needs flower arrangements for a baby or wedding shower. I should probably open a florist someday. 

What item are you wearing over and over again right now? Tell us below!