I Have Stressed Skin, But This Is the Skincare Brand I Always Come Back To

Stressed-out skin is on the rise, and it's easy to see why. Our busy schedules and dependence on technology mean we never fully switch off, particularly over the past couple of years as we've all been staring at a screen regularly. If you're like me, your weekly screen-time report might be on the up, and you've got a mild case of tech neck. We're often at the command of pings from our phones and laptops, and that can contribute to stress, which can often show up on our skin.



It can be easy to fall into the trap of throwing several skincare products at the problem. More often than not, this leaves your skin feeling irritated and even more stressed. As someone who has sensitive skin and eczema flare-ups, I've come to find that with skincare, less is often more. I opt for quality over quantity and streamline my routine with gentle cleansers, hydrating serums and protective moisturisers that put my skin back in a zen state.

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Morning Matrix



One brand that always delivers is ELEMIS. It's highly regarded for its cult Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. (In fact, there isn't a member of the Who What Wear Team who won't sing this cleanser's praises.) The brand's moisturisers are probably my favourite, though. I find the formulas really nourish my skin and leave it feeling strengthened and soothed. I was already a fan of the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, which leaves skin bouncy and soothed when I wake up, so when I heard that a daytime version was launching, I was very excited indeed.

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This daytime version of the best-selling overnight moisturiser addresses the effects that modern life can have on our skin. It helps protect the skin from the effects of blue light and other lifestyle stressors that accelerate visible signs of ageing.* The silicone-free formula is suited for all skin types, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles—which are easily formed when we're unintentionally squinting at a screen—and is clinically proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity**.

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This night moisturiser is the perfect pairing with the Pro-Collagen Morning Matrix. It leaves skin looking firmer, smoother and less creased with visible bounce-back.

Some skincare products reach holy-grail status, and this is one of them. It makes removing makeup a treat, helping melt away the day and leaving skin nourished and comfortable.

If your skin is sensitive to fragrance, this fragrance-free version of the best-selling cleansing balm is ideal.

Another fan-favourite, this moisturising cream is so hydrating. The gel-cream texture is perfect for warmer weather, too.

Worn alone or as a primer before makeup, this moisturiser gives your skin a serious glow.

This hydrating serum leaves skin feeling quenched with moisture and cool as a cucumber.

Tired eyes will benefit from these hydrating eye masks.

If your skin is prone to sensitivity, then this gentle exfoliator is ideal. It contains papaya enzymes that gently slough away dead skin.

A good SPF that sits well under makeup is hard to come by, but this one is lightweight and hydrating on the skin while protecting your skin from the ageing rays of the sun.

If dark spots or pores are a concern, then these resurfacing pads help to lighten pigmentation and refine the skin's texture.

Lots of toners are alcohol based, which can irritate the skin. This one is fragrance-free and leaves skin calm and refreshed.

This cleanser is a dream to use and makes light work of removing makeup and leaving the skin feeling cleansed, but not stripped.

Containing prebiotics (which help encourage the 'good' bacteria on your skin) this overnight mask leaves skin radiant and glowing come morning.

If you find your skin is dull or lacklustre, then you won't find a better cleansing balm. This one contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help to slough away dead skin cells.

These individual oil ampoules contain antioxidants for both am and pm to revitalise the skin. They're perfecting for packing in your suitcase too.

Perfect for sensitive and compromised skin, this nourishing oil is like a superfood smoothie for your skin.


*Independent clinical trial, 2021. Results are based on 21 participants.

**Independent clinical trial, 2021. Results are based on 36 people over a 4-week trial.


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