May's Editor's Letter: Our Global Fashion Gang Is Here for You

"Despite the rise of nationalism, isolationist rhetoric and reshoring, globalisation will not stall," reads the Business of Fashion's 10 Trends That Will Define the Agenda in 2018. "A new phase of globalisation characterised by the exponential growth of cross-border bandwidth, connectivity and digital data flows will alter the global playing field and give certain players a competitive edge."

We've never been so global despite the fact we're celebrating what's local and hugging it so tight. Small startup brands now have the world at their feet thanks to social media. You can be a major influencer from any corner of the globe—no longer does this once-exclusive business revolve around Paris, New York, Milan and London alone. There are lucrative revenue streams to be found in emerging markets, and business big and small are expanding to swoop in and make the most of boom times elsewhere.

It would be all too easy to see globalisation translate into homogenisation, but style nuances, shopping habits, desires, the economy and even the plain old boring weather still all play a part in shaping a region's fashion outlook—and for that, we are grateful. Sure, cult items can become worldwide success stories—take that Gucci logo tee, for example—but how it's worn in Milan is wildly different from how it's adopted in Seoul.