7 Summer Trends Our Editors Would Never Wear and 13 They're Obsessed With

Although our love for all things fashion is a common thread running through the Who What Wear UK team, I’d be lying if I said we always agreed on the trends we love and the ones we wouldn’t be caught dead in. It’s true that some items unite us (like that Loewe tank or this COS dress we’ve all just gone and bought), but mostly, we each have our own personal styles that work for our respective body shapes and tastes. 

Sometimes, our differences will ignite great debate in the office and provide inspiration for an article just like this one. Recently, when we were all discussing the summer trends we couldn’t wait to wear, as well as the ones we’d like to leave (in Y2K, mostly), there were cries of agreement as well as outrage. So we thought it would be fun to document (some of) what was said and share with you exactly which trends our editors think are worth investing in this summer. 

Not everyone can like everything. After all—what’s that saying?—one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. But since our editors are pretty well versed in which trends have legs and which are likely to be more fleeting, as well as which will leave you feeling confident and polished and which aren’t quite as realistic for wearing day to day, I’m hoping the below will also help you shop smarter for the season ahead. 

From school-uniform styles to itsy-bitsy string bikinis, denim shorts to micro minis, keep scrolling to see the trends we’re planning to leave on the runways, and then shop the ones we’re championing for a place in our suitcases this year.

1. Emma Spedding, Editor


Michaela Efford

Would Never Wear: Denim Shorts

Loves: Colourful Dresses & Short Co-Ords

"I would love to be a denim-shorts girl, but I always find it way too impossible to find a pair that fits perfectly. I've yet to find a pair that is the right length and that sits properly on the waist and hips. Instead, I'll be wearing easy, colourful dresses and shorts co-ords."

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2. Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief


Michaela Efford

Would Never Wear: Strapless Tops

Loves: Off-the-Shoulder Silhouettes & Oversized Blouses 

"Bandeaus and strapless tops are a big no for me. The strapless-bra quest is one I'm just not willing to spend time on, and I'm not crazy about getting my arms out anyway. I'd much prefer an off-the-shoulder silhouette or go for the extreme opposite in an oversized painter's blouse."

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3.  Joy Ejaria, Social Media Editor



Would Never Wear: Minidresses

Loves: Wide-Leg Trousers

"I have to pass on minidresses because no matter how hard I try, one small breeze and my entire bum will be on show. Plus, they're always an awkward length on me where the back is shorter than the front. I love wide-leg trousers, though, especially if they're high-waisted. Worn with a bodysuit or a cropped vest, they make for an easy-breezy outfit for a hot day."

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4. Emily Dawes, Affiliates Editor



Would Never Wear: 


Would Never Wear: Cut-Outs

Loves: Linen & Leather Sandals

"Call me old-fashioned, but I just can't get on board with all these cut-outs and bare midriffs. My summer vibe is all about looking polished while staying cool, and I love anything and everything linen for that. Then I'll add a pair of simple leather slides, which always add a chic finishing touch."

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5. Remy Farrell, Shopping Editor



Would Never Wear: String Bikinis

Loves: Shirts & Basket Bags

"I have to say no to the itsy-bitsy string bikini. Kendall Jenner I am not, and with an array of chic one-piece swimsuits on the market (Hunza G and Norma Kamali, I'm looking at you), there's simply no need for me to bare quite that much.

"Getting dressed in summer should be as easy as possible, and I love wearing an oversized Oxford shirt over a bikini, tucked into shorts or loosely buttoned with a midi skirt to keep cool with minimal fuss. I also love the artisanal touch woven bags add to any summer outfit, whether it's from Loewe, Jacquemus, Prada or even the high street."

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6. Maxine Eggenberger, Acting Assistant Editor



Would Never Wear: Bermuda Shorts

Loves: Crochet Dresses & Canvas Bags

"As much as I'd like to embrace them, Bermuda shorts and I just don't get along. My legs are short enough as it is, and pulling on a pair makes me look like I've borrowed some shorts from my stepdad—not the vibe I'm into. I'm a dress girl through and through, and there is one style I'm particularly obsessed with this season: crochet. If I had £5K to spare, I'd be very tempted to treat myself to Gabriela Hearst's incredible option, but thankfully, there are plenty that are more in line with my lean budget. Then there's just something so French Riviera about canvas handbags, and although I'm very taken with the styles that come branded with designer logos, I think the more frugal styles from the high street still look mighty expensive."

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7. Remi Afolabi, Video Content Creator



Would Never Wear: Pleated Miniskirts

Loves: Maxi Skirts & Flatforms

"I have to pass on pleated miniskirts, as they just remind me of secondary school uniform, which isn't quite my vibe! Instead, I've taken a liking to maxi skirts lately. I love the sleek silhouette they give, so I'm currently on the hunt for one I can wear throughout summer and into the colder seasons. I'm also loving flatforms. They're super cute and can really elevate a casual summer outfit. I'm particularly obsessing over the Gucci ones right now."

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