5 Things Our Editors Are Loving, Reading and Wearing This Week

This week, our team is lucky to be able to continue our work as usual from home, keeping Who What Wear populated with all the fashion and beauty stories that you know and love. We asked our readers what they want to read more of this week, and there were certain topics that came up again and again in the messages we received: products that might make you feel calm, comfy loungewear, at-home beauty tips and interiors ideas. So at the same time as bringing you our usual outfit ideas and styling stories, we'll also be upping our coverage on these themes. 



So I asked my team for the things they are loving, reading and wearing this week. Below, you'll find the small comforts that we're enjoying this week.

Emma, Editor

Joy, Shopping Editor

Zoe, Fashion Editor

Shannon, Freelance Beauty Editor

Nell, Assistant Editor

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