I Went Street Style–Spotting in Edinburgh, and These 16 Winter Outfits Wowed Me
I Went Street Style–Spotting in Edinburgh, and These 16 Winter Outfits Wowed Me

I Went Street Style–Spotting in Edinburgh, and These 16 Winter Outfits Wowed Me

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of social media, but looking through a filtered lens doesn’t give you the most accurate depiction of what’s happening around you. I find this to be acutely true when it comes to fashion—temperatures can be in the minus and the rain thundering down, but the outfits you see on Instagram or TikTok would have you believe it’s a pleasant 15ºC and sunny outside as content creators take to their feeds sans coats and umbrellas.

Sure, this sort of escapism can be enjoyable and good for my Saved folders of outfits to bookmark for the future, but I always like to pull my focus back to what people are really wearing to inform my current choices. So when the Who What Wear team asked me if I’d take to the streets of Edinburgh, the place I now call home after almost a decade in London, I couldn’t wait to show you what the city’s most stylish dressers were—and, indeed, are—wearing this winter. 

Edinburgh Street Style: What stylish city-dwellers are wearing in the Scottish capital



Over the course of two days (we had to call it quits after a couple of hours on the first when the rain became unrelenting—how’s that for reality?), two photographers and I ventured out to all of the hot spots in the Scottish capital to capture real style as it happened. If you haven’t been to Scotland before, the rumours are true; it’s very, very cold. So naturally, coats are a pretty big focus for Edinburgh's inhabitants, who sported everything from on-trend puffers to timeless salt-and-pepper styles. Boots, too, were a recurring theme, with combats and hikers coming through as the footwear of choice—seems fitting for a city built atop a volcano.

Also on the Edinburgh style agenda are colourful accessories—I spotted more bright woolly hats than I could keep count of, which make for an easy way to lift the deep colour palette to which many of the people I saw subscribe. And in a city with vintage or curated second-hand stores practically on every corner, there’s an intrinsic appreciation for preloved fashion in Edinburgh—which is one of the things I love most about this beautiful place. 

Instead of describing what the stylish people of Edinburgh are wearing, perhaps I ought to show you. Scroll on to see what women in Edinburgh are actually dressing in this winter. 

Style Notes: You don’t need to rely on statement pieces to make an impact, as Ibukun proves with this effortless get-up—her checked scarf serves as the focal point and further enhances the laid-back aesthetic of her open coat and wide-leg jeans. 

Style Notes: It’s not every day that you meet an astrophysicist, but if her job title wasn’t impressive enough, Amanda’s ensemble, made up of a Mango coat, & Other Stories kick-flares, and ASOS boots, is what I consider to be out of this world (sorry, Amanda!) in terms of winter styling. 

Style Notes: Shan Shan’s bright-pink beanie beautifully cut through the bleary February weather, instantly making her entire look feel brighter and more springlike. Although most of her look was sourced from Korea, I couldn’t help but also hone in on her Gucci trainers

Style Notes: As the owner of Edinburgh’s premiere vegan fashion boutique Treen, Cat was wearing an ensemble that was expectedly chic (not to mention sustainable). Her Embassy of Bricks and Logs padded coat was the first thing I noticed, followed by her immaculate trainers by Clay. 

Style Notes: Breton knitwear is proving to be one of winter’s key buys, and Jane was quick to snap up her Mango number before it sold out. Fret not, though, for there are still plenty you can invest in now. 

Style Notes: I’m going to put this out there; I want to be friends with Anne, an artist who has travelled the world. It was during a trip to San Francisco that she picked up these incredibly reworked and reconstructed Levi's jeans. I imagine her wardrobe to be a rich tapestry of her adventures. Still, she knows a good high-street find when she sees one—this incredible coat is from Weekday. 

Style Notes: My jaw practically dropped to the floor when I spotted Liv’s Legres boots—the very pair I had been eyeing for myself—from across the street. Paired with an Isabel Marant coat, this is the epitome of polished. 

Style Notes: I firmly believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look chic, and I have the full support of Aisha in that sentiment. “I love the high street,” she proclaimed, as she rolled off her list of bargains (Marc Jacobs handbag aside). Although hers is from a few seasons ago, you can still get your hands on a duvet coat just like it from H&M. 

Style Notes: I was impressed at how Lucia, like Shan Shan, was able to shift the entire mood of her tonal ensemble with the simple addition of a colourful woollen beret; the jolt of orange almost mirroring her bright personality. This is a woman who knows how to dress for who she is. 

Style Notes: Perhaps one of the chicest expectant mothers I’ve ever met, Emily ticks off two major winter trends in one: faux-shearling coats and wide-leg trousers. So impressive. 

Style Notes: She might be visiting from Madrid, but Cristina certainly brought glamour to the streets of Edinburgh with her tailored coat, faux-fur stole and Givenchy handbag, all sourced from boutiques in Spain. Her essential for sightseeing in Edinburgh? Her track-sole boots. 

Style Notes: What I quickly learned about Sarah is that she’s the sort of girl who’s inherently cool. Her look is almost entirely thrifted, save for her handmade knitted bucket hat, which she found via a maker in Instagram. See, what did I tell you? So cool.  

Style Notes: Everything you see before you on Khemmarin was sourced from charity shops and car boot sales. The jeans—a pair of Levi’s 501s—are one of her all-time favourite finds. Me? I’m also pretty partial to how she’s styled her silk scarf. 

Style Notes: I don’t wear a lot of black and grey, but there’s something about this sort of tonal outfit that I’m always drawn to—it just looks so chic. Beth’s coat and scarf are both Topshop, and you can still find her could-be-designer bag at & Other Stories, 

Style Notes: Working in fashion advertising and hailing from New York, it’s little wonder that Nicole is up to speed when it comes to brands. We talked at length about her favourites. She's constantly experimenting with pieces she already owns, and I love how she tucks the hem of her Everlane trousers into her Sorrel boots to create an entirely new silhouette, which she coupled with Arket crossbody and Ba&sh cropped puffer. 

Style Notes: I dashed across a busy street to grab Millie before she disappeared into a shop, recognising her incredible Stand Studio coat from 50 feet away. I really love how she’s picked up on the creamy faux shearling way by adding a matching knit and boots into the equation. Someone clearly got the monochrome trend memo. 

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