I Moved to Edinburgh and Truly Learnt How to Dress for Autumn

Living in Scotland comes with its perks. You're constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery (a welcome change from the view of the bus terminus I had in my cramped London flat for six years), and, while the weather might be questionable at best, it makes for the ideal climate for my favourite kind of dressing—autumnal. A place where you can wear jackets and coats year-round? It’s partly the reason I moved back to my homeland. That, and I needed more room to store said coats, which, I have a hunch, is a garment I’m inherently drawn to.

For my move back to Scotland at the start of this year, I decided to settle in Edinburgh, a city I’d never before lived in but had visited throughout my teens and 20s. And now, after six months there, I think I have a pretty good lay of the land. I was also struck by its fashion. Having grown up farther north, where feather down jackets are practically uniform, I’ve found that Edinburgh’s sartorial agenda is more like London than anywhere else I’ve been.

There’s a “come as you are” mentality—you needn’t dress up, but I’ve found most women err on the polished but relaxed outfit archetype. Different from the glamour of Glasgow or the copious layering required to live in or north of my hometown, Aberdeen, I’ve certainly been impressed by what I’ve seen since relocating there. In fact, I’ve found that many of the most stylish adhere to a capsule of similar pieces—all of which are autumn-ready and meticulously detailed for you below. Keep scrolling to see the Edinburgh fashion trends I’ve since bought into. While you’re at it, why not give these fashionable Edinburgh-based influencers a follow?

Hannah always seems to get her hands on the next It buy before it blows up. 

Sarah is my new minimalist style muse, curating the most gorgeous looks from Zara and Cos. 

With a wardrobe as chic as her home, Claire is the ultimate influencer all-rounder. 


Practical and chic, much like Edinburgh's residents. I can't walk down Princes Street without seeing at least 15 beige blazers. Thank goodness it's not a drinking game…


Edinburgh loves a midi skirt, especially when it features a pretty floral print. Already I've seen women sporting them with tan suede boots, though Converse high-tops also prove popular. 


While there are those with a penchant for body-con, I find that women in the Scottish capital prefer billowing silhouettes. Very in keeping with fashion's current obsession with Cecilie Bahnsen


Put simply, Scotland's cold, which means we put extra effort into our knitwear. If it's bright, printed, embellished or textured, it's in. 


You can just about walk everywhere in Edinburgh. Door-to-door, I am 50 minutes from the castle—and that's uphill and considered quite far away. As such, I never really see people teetering around in anything other than a block heel, though luxe flats seem to be the preferred footwear. 


Skinny jeans are still evident north of the border, but I've come to find that Edinburgh prefers its denim wide-legged. If not, at least straight. 


Admittedly it's one trend I've personally decided to sit out on, but belt bags are just as evident in Edinburgh as they are in London. Keep it leather for an expensive finish. 


While I've seen many coats in Scotland, the most-noteworthy style is undoubtedly the slouchy, oversized style. Mainly because it's ideal for layering over the aforementioned It knits. 

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