28 Beyond-Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer

When summer arrives and temperatures soar, your hair is usually the last thing you want to think about. Between the heat and humidity, your main priorities become getting your hair off your neck, out of your face, and keeping it healthy and protected in the process. But when you have the perfect summer outfit, manicure, and makeup, it's only natural to want your hair to look just as chic, especially when summer is the season for holidays, festivals, and weddings—and when there are so many fun hair trends to embrace.

In an effort to not fall into the same boring habits I adopt every summer—throwing my hair into a messy bun and calling it a day—I've compiled an edit of the best easy summer hairstyles. From fun ways to wear hair accessories to beach-perfect updos for all different hair types, lengths, and textures, these styles all have one thing in common—they're about as low maintenance as they come.

1. Pigtails

Easy summer hairstyles: @sarahhsol



This pretty style is a great way to show off hair length and texture, while also keeping it back from your face. Bonus points for adding ribbons.

2. Twists

For textured hair, consider twists as an alternative to braids.

3. Slicked-back bun 

The classic slicked-back bun is perfect for summer—use a strong-hold gel to prevent frizz and keep the style sleek.

4. Mini plaits

This quick and easy style is a favourite way to switch up hair for a festival or holiday.

5. Low bun

Longer styles misbehaving in summer can be effortlessly twisted back into a low bun.

6. Natural air-dry 

Easy summer hairstyles: @monikh



Love the idea of beachy waves? Enhance your natural texture with a cocktail of hair cream and serum on the lengths, and let it air-dry. 

7. Off the shoulders

If you're considering taking your hair from long to short, now's the time of year when you'll feel the benefits of an off-the-shoulder style.

8. Single plait

Easy summer hairstyles: @devapollon



A classic and incredibly low maintenance style that never fails if you have hair on the longer side.

9. All the way up

Scooping your hair all the way up is always a winner on warmer days. 

10. Clawed back

Claw clips and '90s tendrils are a failsafe summer hair combo. 

11. Hidden layers

If you have shorter layers in the front, pinning a few sections back is a fun way to mix things up—and keeps you cool.

12. Swept back

Easy summer hairstyles: @izzydilg



Sweep your locks back into a delicate clasp for a laid-back look that serves to enhance highlights and balayage.

13. '90s headband 

Practical and trending, elasticated headbands allow you to keep hair away from your face while still wearing it loose.

14. Wrapped up

A headscarf or wrap is a chic and simple way to protect textured hair from the summer elements. 

15. Sleek high pony

Easily mask day three (or four) hair by smoothing it back from your roots into a high ponytail and running a straightener through the lengths.

16. Beachy ponytail

If the idea of loose beachy waves stresses you out, gather the length of your hair into a low ponytail that sits just above the nape of your neck for a style that will still show off your curls.

17. Half up half down

If you want to wear your hair down, but also want to keep it off your face, this simple style is a go-to.

18. Bright bandana 

Accessorise with a bold-print bandana that matches your outfit for simple summer style.

19. Messy bun 

Easy summer hairstyles: @mijaporter



Long hair? Pile your hair high into a messy bun for a cool and practical look.

20. Floral updo

Adding a floral accessory gives an instant upgrade to a simple updo or messy bun. 

21. Quick twist

The easiest way to keep your hair out of your face this summer—and postpone an overdue hair wash by one more day...

22. Braided back

For long, curly or coily hair, braids are a low-maintenance summer option. This braided back style is even better if you like to keep your hair out of your face in hot weather.

23. Wash-and-go

Easy summer hairstyles: @spicy.mayo



if you're looking to switch things up for summer, free yourself from braid-outs and twist-outs by air-drying your coils.

24. Loose waves

Load up on the salt sprays and curl-enhancing creams to keep waves bouncy and buoyant.

25. Bubble pigtails

Bubble ponytails and pigtails are still on trend and are a fun (and easy) way to upgrade your hairstyle for summer.

26. Cute clips

Easy summer hairstyles: @sabotaj



A fun and easy way to accessorise hair when you're on to go or in a rush—plus an opportunity to nod to the current trend for '90s nostalgia.

27. Braided bun

Easy summer hairstyles: @tenickab



When the heat really does get too much, use the volume of your braids to create a full bun. 

28. Sun hat

Protective and chic. Give your scalp a break from the rays with a stylish sun hat.

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