My Job Is to Write About Trends—Here Are the 5 I'm Actually Running Around In

Nothing gets me more excited for spring than the wardrobe refresh that goes along with it. But, I'm a fashion editor so you already knew that. While I love to spend the majority of the winter bundled up in my favorite sweaters and loungewear, as soon as the cold hits me a little too hard I slowly begin to introduce the spring trends that I've been dreaming about for months into my wardrobe. Seeing so many fun micro-trends for the next season hit the runways always gets me excited about the many things to come and why would I keep myself waiting?

This year, my excitement is quite obvious as I'm a bit early to wear some of these spring trends. It may be quite the frigid winter but that's not stopping me from sporting these fun pieces now and making the purchases that will have me set up for a happy season—and beyond. But let's face it: In this weather, comfort and ease are a major priority for everyone. That's why I snapped a few outfit pics of the trends that I've found the easiest to throw on and head out in, so let's begin.

The phrase "it has pockets," which was once proclaimed to celebrate the superiority of a dress that you can toss your keys into, takes on a whole new meaning in 2022. One of the most wearable trends of all right now is cargo pants and it will certainly continue to go strong all year round. What will you fill your assortment of pockets with?

Shop the trend:

The cinch at the ankles looks so good with boots.

Now that we're entering yet another year living through a pandemic, we've seen it all when it comes to loungewear sets. That's why it's time we're asking our favorite fashion designers to take it up a notch and that is exactly what they're starting to do. I'm turning a new leaf and taking a break now and then from the basics and trying out fun features like stripes, texture, feathers, and more.

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Shop the matching Chesca Top ($495).

This loungewear set turned me from a minimalist into a maximalist.

Shop the Wendy Wavy Ribbed Skirt ($135).

If you needed an excuse to dress like a stock of broccoli, this is it.

Shop the matching Mock-Neck Knit Sweater ($49).

You can't go wrong with this color.

My love for tailoring has survived quite the storm of comfort-first dressing. Here's a trend that I can easily wear into the new year with ease. "The broken suit" is the simple concept of mixing and matching the exquisite tailoring and any matching sets you've worn to death and making them new again by playing around with fun combinations. Let a common color scheme guide our way and know that there's never a bad time to buy into tailored garments.

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Micro-lapels are having their moment.

I've recently retired my denim jacket. It's not gone forever, just sitting on the sidelines waiting for its reemergence. In the meantime, I have swapped in my new star player, utility's finest military jacket. It just feels like such a fresh take on outerwear that makes every look I wear feel quite Ralph Lauren–esque. So effortless.

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You can call me lieutenant general.

Finally, a trend that seems to match my level of clumsiness. Anything asymmetrical feels off-balance in all the right ways. There's just something to be said about how instantly next level a bit of unexpected asymmetry can make any item. You can't walk away from this story without buying into this trend.

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I felt like a princess in this dress.

And now the pieces I'm styling said trends with…

Ever since Megan Markle wore these, they keep selling out so act fast.

A coat like this on sale during January? What a treat.

I have worn these three times already just this week.

It's so easy to run errands with this bag on your shoulders.

You can never have too many tanks.

I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed.

Now that we've gone over a few trends that we should keep in our closets, take a look at what I'm getting rid of.