I Have Simple Style, and These Are the Only Easy Trends I Care About

If I had to describe my personal style in three words, low-key, elevated and simple would pretty much sum it up. And while I tend to stick to basics more than super-trendy items, the trends that do pique my interest tend to be the more versatile and laid-back picks that fit within my simple style. On that note, I thought I’d share some of the key trends I’ve been into recently for myself and others.

Naturally, I turned to some of my favourite fashion people on Instagram to showcase said easy trends. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the looks worth noting if you have simple style like I do. And if you’re shopping at the moment, I rounded up product recommendations as well.

Ribbed Tanks

There’s nothing easier and, honestly, more stylish these days than teaming a basic ribbed tank with a cool pair of jeans or joggers. Here for it.

Sporty Sandals

In the footwear realm, I’m all about the sporty-sandal vibe for a functional and forward shoe choice. I’d wear them like this with chic trousers and an oversize top.

Chain Necklaces

The best chain necklaces for women



Flashy jewelry isn’t necessarily my thing, but a chain necklace feels statement-making without being too much. That perfect pick is basically the finishing touch to any chic ensemble I’m into.

Lightweight Cardigans

Those lightweight cardigans that are either cropped or shrunken are more or less a next-level basic staple at this point. They're ideal for those with simpler style.

Polo Shirts

The best polo shirts for women



I love that polo shirts are having a comeback as a cool way of putting a classic spin to a vibe—especially those long-sleeve ribbed iterations.

White Jeans

The best white jeans for summer



As I stated recently, I’m intrigued by white jeans as an alternative to black jeans. And sure, they may not necessarily be a trend as much as they are a staple, but to me, those straight-leg cuts feel fresh, clean and quite chic for the season.