The "Anti-Trend" Girl's Guide to Autumn 2017

easy fall trends


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Not that into what's "trending" this season—or any season, for that matter? That doesn't necessarily mean your autumn wardrobe is in need of zero updating. There's nothing wrong with preferring to stick to the classic pieces that have lasted the test of time, but there's still much to be gleaned from fashion week. What we often forget is that when you look past the styles that make the loudest statements on the runways, we see a slew of classic pieces highlighted for the "anti-trend" people of the world.

When we say "anti-trend," we aren't implying that you hate fashion, hate shopping and hate looking good. Instead, we're speaking to those who prefer to invest in the essentials over the trends that may or may not come and go. Here, our objective is to show you which timeless items designers want you to pay attention to this fall, from chunky turtlenecks and checked blazers to combat boots. These styles that you've worn and loved for years probably need some upgrading right about now, and we've found the best of the best for you right here. Whether you're curvy, tall or short, we've selected the best version of the easy styles ahead for you. Because who doesn't love a little one-on-one attention?

Go on to shop the timeless styles you're going to see everywhere this autumn.

Trench Coats
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Gucci F/W 17

Yes, the runway was filled with shearling, colored faux fur and patent leather jackets, but it also presented a slew of perfectly classic trench coats. Trench coats have surpassed the test of trends, so investing in one will not be a waste by any means.

Try a trench with a belt to accentuate the small of your waist.

Thanks to your height, you can pull off oversize items without having them drown you.

Looking for a trench coat that doesn't drag on the floor behind you? Try a petite brand or range, where you are guaranteed proportions that are tailored to your tiny frame.

Printed Midi Skirts
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Miu Miu F/W 17

Not into feathers and metallic sequins? No worries—there were plenty of other skirts that came down the runway sans all the extremities. This season, do yourself a favor and upgrade your go-to midi skirt with one that has a print. Yes, stripes count.

Vertical stripes and a clear waistband are your best bet when it comes to a printed midi skirt.

Elongate your frame even further with a printed wrap skirt. You'll look like a regal column of a person in the best way possible.

Make sure to choose a midi skirt that actually hits you at the middle of your calf. Slits can also be your best friend, as they allow the skirt to move with you and show a little leg.

Combat Boots
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Valentino F/W 17

If you're sick of hearing us gawk over red ankle boots for autumn (seriously, we love them), we have good news for you: Combat boots had a dominating presence amid the autumn collections. So you boot traditionalists out there can take a deep breath—red-hot stompers aren't your only option.

Steer clear of ultra-chunky combat boots as they have the potential to weigh you down. Instead, snag a pair that is light and sleek.

Luckily for you, bulky and busy shoes don't weigh down your lengthy frame. Test your limits with a boot style that has intense laces, bold soles, and noteworthy hardware.

When it comes to boots, a little heel never hurt us shorties (I say "us" because I'm petite too). Adding some height to a boot style like this will prevent it from cutting off the line of your leg.

Checked Blazers
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Tibi F/W 17

There's no denying that pantsuits are all the rage this autumn, but we will humbly admit that a head-to-toe suited ensemble is quite the commitment. Instead, let's meet in the middle and take advantage of the fact that classic checked blazers are hyped up more than ever.

Style this flattering blazer with slim jeans and sleek black patent loafers.

Clearly, you can pull off items that are a little longer than normal, and that goes for your blazers, as well.

Don't let yourself drown in a sea of checks and lapels—search for a blazer that creates some sort of frame for you, like this darted one.

Polished Bags
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Victoria Beckham F/W 17

We get it—obscure shapes and fuzzy handled bags aren't everyone's cup of tea, but there is no denying the power of a polished handbag, which is why you'll rarely see a season go by without the subtle reminder that sometimes, going back to the basics is always a good idea.

Add colour the easy way by throwing this bright bag over your shoulder. 

The subtle, cool tone on the straps makes all the difference.

Chunky Sweaters
easy fall trends


Getty Images; PICTURED: Balenciaga F/W 17

Swap the Victorian ruffled blouses and logo-adorned T-shirts that are currently dominating the trend scene for fall's favorite sweater—a chunky turtleneck. Surely you've been wearing a sweater of the sorts from age 5 to the present, so why stop now?

Who doesn't want a cozy oversize sweater to carry them through the season? Style this with slim-fit trousers to amp up the style.

Style your chunky sweater left tucked out with a fun skirt and ankle boots. The look will read casual cool and laid-back.

A cropped version of this sweater will allow you to cozy up without looking like a blanket swallowed you whole.

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