The "Anti-Trend" Girl's Guide to Autumn 2017


Style du Monde

Not that into what's "trending" this season—or any season, for that matter? That doesn't necessarily mean your autumn wardrobe is in need of zero updating. There's nothing wrong with preferring to stick to the classic pieces that have lasted the test of time, but there's still much to be gleaned from fashion week. What we often forget is that when you look past the styles that make the loudest statements on the runways, we see a slew of classic pieces highlighted for the "anti-trend" people of the world.

When we say "anti-trend," we aren't implying that you hate fashion, hate shopping and hate looking good. Instead, we're speaking to those who prefer to invest in the essentials over the trends that may or may not come and go. Here, our objective is to show you which timeless items designers want you to pay attention to this fall, from chunky turtlenecks and checked blazers to combat boots. These styles that you've worn and loved for years probably need some upgrading right about now, and we've found the best of the best for you right here. Whether you're curvy, tall or short, we've selected the best version of the easy styles ahead for you. Because who doesn't love a little one-on-one attention?

Go on to shop the timeless styles you're going to see everywhere this autumn.