The Internet Just Taught Us Something Mind-Blowing About Earrings

If the Internet is truly good for anything, it's discovery. We learn something new about the world every day, using nothing but the word Google, a Wi-Fi connection, and a handheld device—and today, we learned something fascinating about earrings from Twitter.

The Internet community at large is freaking out about a post from everyday civilian Chelsea Smith, who posted a photo to Twitter of the plastic backing that came attached to her earrings, captioned, "After my 19 years of living, I have now realised that you are supposed to take the plastic part off."

Gasp. Her tweet went viral overnight, with people the world over responding mostly in kind, expressing the sentiment that they, too, never knew you're supposed to remove the plastic backing from your earrings before you wear them. Others responded with vitriol, denying the claim and suggesting that the plastic backing is there for a reason: to provide "stability" when you wear heavy earrings.

As for the Who What Wear team, we are pretty evenly divided between those who knew the plastic removal "rule" and those who did not; regardless, it's certainly something that was previously never on our radar but that we will now think about each time we wear earrings. Keep scrolling to shop more of our favourite earrings now!